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The Brenizer Method is photo style that simulates wide angle photography with shallow depth of field.

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Can I make an in-camera multi-row panorama (Brenizer) with my Fuji camera?

I recently tried the Brenizer method but found that it is tedious compared to just using the panoramic mode on my Fuji XT-10 which automatically stitches the photos together. The problem is that I can ...
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How to shoot with the Brenizer method with an active, moving background, i.e. on the streets

If the background is moving, like a street full of people and you're shooting a stationary subject with the Brenizer method, how does that work? When you stitch up the surrounding area wouldn't it be ...
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What advantages does the Brenizer method have over Photoshop blur?

I have seen a lot of posts lately about the Brenizer method. It looks smashing, but at the same time, I am fairly certain I could recreate the look using blurred layers in Photoshop. Apart from ...
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Using PhotoMerge to simulate a wider angle lens

I'm starting to experiment with PhotoMerge to simulate a wider angle lens than I have available. Right now I know I need to use manual exposure and to provide sufficient overlap between the images. ...
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What is "bokeh panorama" (also called the "Brenizer method")?

Somewhere I don't remember, I heard about the Brenizer method. After reading a few sites, there is no consistent information about what it is exactly, or what the procedures are to apply it, so: ...
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