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What is the breech mount on this Hanimex lens?

I've bought a Hanimex 1:4.5, 80-200mm Automatic Zoom lens. The seller wrote that it is a Minolta MD-mount lens, but it doesn't fit my Minolta x300. What mount is this lens?
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1 answer

What is this breech mount with three flanges and a single linking pin?

I bought this Vivitar lens cheap and I'm having trouble identifying the mount. I believe it's a Version 4 Serial number is 22128668
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4 answers

What is the breech mount on this Chinonflex lens?

What is the mount on this Chinonflex Auto Reflex lens, 135mm f/2.8 No. 691327?
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What kind of mount does this breech-lock Tair-3 lens use?

I picked up a Soviet-made Tair-3 300mm lens at a flea market recently, and I'm at a loss to identify what kind of mount it uses. According to what I've read, most virtually all Tair-3s used M42 or T ...
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