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a technique of softening flash by reflecting it off a ceiling, wall or some other surface, rather than directing it straight at the subject

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Why would you use a flash pointing straight up, or over your head?

I see many photographers at wedding receptions, etc, pointing the flash on their cameras straight to ceiling, or even slanting over the photographer's head. At first I thought it was to bounce the ...
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Does it make sense for me, as a beginner, to buy a speedlight?

So far, I was using my Android phone to shoot pictures and some basic point and click cameras. I would say that I am a low intermediate camera user. I know the basics about focus, depth of field, ...
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Why am I getting underexposure bouncing a Neewer flash from the ceiling on a Canon camera in TTL mode?

I'm starting to learn about flash photography and purchased a basic flash to try out. When using ETTL mode I get a strange behavior when bouncing off the ceiling. Camera: EOS 1300D Flash: Neewer 562c ...
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How to get even lighting when using flash for group photos near wall?

I'm having trouble getting nice even lighting when using my speedlight on my camera. I photographed a formal recently in a hall with high yellowish ceilings. I pointed the speedlight directly upwards ...
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How to achieve the same effect of bouncing against the ceiling without a ceiling?

Bouncing flash against the ceiling is great, adds a lot to a photo. My question is how can I achieve this effect without actually bouncing against the ceiling? I have two umbrellas, magmod sphere and ...
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How can I avoid reflections in windows when using flash?

I'm working a party starting at 5:30 (so it will be getting dark) which is being held in their lodge. It's a big circular room with high dark wood beams, and windows around 3/4 of it. Vendors are ...
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Yongnuo YN-685 underexposure issue in bounce mode at longer focal length

I just purchased a new Yongnuo YN685 to replace a trusty but old Canon 580-EX (the original, not the II version) that is misfiring and may be on its last legs. After playing with it for a few minutes ...
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Can I get a high quality image from a rostrum mounted camera and bounce flash?

I have some approximately A3 sized documents I need to scan but don't have access to an A3 scanner and it's beyond my budget to purchase one. However, I can probably run to a rostrum stand for my ...
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How to avoid shadows under the eyes when using bounce flash?

How can I avoid shadows under the eyes when I am bouncing flash? The first picture below, using bounced flash, came out horrible. The second picture, using direct flash, has no shadows under the eyes. ...
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How can I use a flash indoors with a really high roof?

I am using a Nikon D3200 with SB-700 flash. Typically, when taking pictures indoors, I bounce the flash off the roof or the walls. However, I will soon be in a situation where the roof is too high to ...
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What is the smallest option for a flash that can also bounce?

I have a full size Canon flash, which has a flash head that "can be moved up from 0-90°, left from 0-180° and right from 0-90°". This is a necessity for me in a flash to properly bounce the flash on a ...
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How to meter for manual bounce flash?

I use a Yongnuo flash (YN-460) in manual mode. I use it mostly indoors, so I bounce the flash off the ceiling. What is a good approach to read the camera metering and make adjustments to flash ...
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