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How to choose a white border for prints?

I will print some images on an aluminum plate. I saw prints on aluminum absolutely without a white border and with white borders with widths until 12 cm. The size will be around 90x60. Are there any ...
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How to include emulsion style thin border during film negative scan?

I am looking at image like this. Notice the inner thin edgy border in black. Given a film negative and a scanner, how can we make such border?
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Is 4288 X 2848 pixels an unfriendly ratio for quality printing and framing or am I missing something?

I have a Nikon D5000 that shoots 4288 X 2848 pixels. When I take pictures, I'm not thinking of how I may need to crop the picture later on or add a border / matting so that it fits into a common ...
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How can I add a border to a JPEG photo without affecting quality?

I have a photo in JPEG format with resolution 4680x3120. I want to add a white border around this photo, turning it into a 5200x3467 photo (for printing reasons). Clearly, I am not altering or ...
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How can I print a 4x6 image to 4x6 photo paper with a 1/4" border?

I have a very simple task that I can't find a good solution for. I need to print a 4x6 photo image at exactly 3.5" x 5.5" with a 1/4" symmetrical border, with no cropping of the image whatsoever. From ...
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Is there any guideline for photo frame width?

I want to print my landscape photos. I have to add white frame around them (something about 500 px to width and height). I have tried many cases (thicknesses). Is there any rule how to apply frame to ...
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How do I align properly for border prints?

I know it will never be perfect but is there a standard method for aligning a print head so when I want to print with a border it's as squared up as possible? I use an Epson R2880. For example if I ...
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