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Best manual settings for Canon 60D [closed]

I am a novice fashion photographer and have been attempting to master the art of shooting in manual mode. I have a Canon 60D and was hoping to get some tips on setting the aperture, shutter speed, ISO,...
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Useful services where I can create a photography website/blog?

I am interested in publishing some of my photography on the internet. I have looked at creating blogs or websites using blogger or wordpress, however a lot of the photography themes cost +$70, as this ...
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What photo blogging service could you recommend?

I'm thinking about starting photography blog soon. The idea is to start presenting portfolio in chronological order and simply share those precious moments capture on the pictures. I was wondering ...
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If I took a photo of a celebrity do I need their permission to share the photo on my blog? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Celebrity photographies copyrights My sister & I took a picture with a pro bull rider, do I need their permission to share the photo on my blog? (I also included their ...
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Which photographers do you follow on twitter? [closed]

Similar to the question about who's blogs to follow ... Who represents photography well in the twitterverse? (BTW, I tweet about too many things besides photography, so I am not a good candidate. @...
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Photographers blogs which are worth a read [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What blogs should I be following if I am learning photography? So, for a (learning/advancing) photog, which are the best blogs and websites which he should read? Which photog ...
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Easy way to upload photos to Blogger blog directly from Bibble?

I have a Google Blogger blog that I use to share photos with family & friends. I also use Bibble Lite 5.1 to process my photos. I'm on Linux (Debian Lenny, 32-bit to be specific). Here's my ...
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What blogs should I be following if I am learning photography?

I am beginner and looking for sites/blogs.
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Wordpress plug-in for a photoblog?

I use Wordpress for my photo-blog site and currently use Yet Another Photoblog plug-in to help manage uploading the pictures. Are there other similar plug-in's that might offer more features. I'm ...
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