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Why binoculars have magnification number, but lenses don't [duplicate]

I got into birding recently and got a pair of 10x42 binoculars and got a camera with a crop ratio of 1.6 and a 100-400mm (focal length) lens. With binoculars and spotting scopes everything seems easy -...
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Suspicious binoculars

I was thinking to buy some general purpose high magnification binocs, to look at the moon or sunsets and stuff. I have not any professinal or even hobbyist knowledge of photography. I read that when a ...
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Which lens focal length to match binoculars' magnification: An alternative approach

The question of how lens focal length and binocular magnification appears to have been asked over 3.86 quinzillion times. Regardless, it's still hard to get an answer the layman can understand. I'd ...
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What is the (real) meaning of binocular magnification number?

This is more of an optics measurements question than a photography question, so if you don't want it on the site, just delete it. I just couldn't think of a better match. Do binoculars, loupes, ...
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Can I convert binocular zoom to equivalent lens focal length?

I read another SE post that shows how focal lengths can be converted to optical magnification, but it isn't clear to me how it would work the other way around. My binoculars are adjustable from x10 to ...
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Is there an easy way to use my binoculars as a telephoto lens?

I own a Sony NEX-5R and a Nikon 7x50 binoculars. Is there a way to use the latter as a makeshift telephoto lens for the former, perhaps by buying some kind of cheap adapter (like $50)? I'm planning ...