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B+W makes high-end optical filters.

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How to fix dent in B+W circular polarizing filter?

I own a 77mm B+W Nano Kaesemann Circular Polarizer with Multi-Resistant Coating. It has a small dent in the rim that makes turning it difficult. Can this be repaired, and if so, where? Thanks.
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Hoya HD vs B+W XS-Pro filters?

I've read reviews of the Hoya HD line of lens filters that say they're the best filters on earth. I've read reviews of the B+W XS-Pro line that say the exact same thing. How do these filter lines ...
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What are the real-life benefits of B+W's MRC?

My 24-105L is in the mail, and I'm looking for a filter to protect the front element. I've decided to go with B+W since they seem to have the best quality to match my L lens. I've narrowed it down to ...
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