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Bibble was cross-platform RAW conversion software; as of early 2012, the company was purchased by Corel and the product discontinued.

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Is there a program for removing purple fringing for Ubuntu?

Some of my photos taken in bright daylight with film era lenses show purple fringing. To remove it I have tried: Bibble 5, does not seem to have any way of doing this. I used the hue-saturation ...
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How does Bibble compare to Lightroom?

I am an avid Lightroom user, but I recently came across Bibble. I am very glad to find another entry in this market place, and I'm especially thrilled to find an offering that works on linux. (I'm on ...
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How can I migrate my photos from Lightroom 3 to Bibble 5?

I used Lightroom for a while and edited some of my raw photos with it. Since Lightroom is non destructive the changes are not done to the raw images directly. While using Windows and Linux I looked ...
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Easy way to upload photos to Blogger blog directly from Bibble?

I have a Google Blogger blog that I use to share photos with family & friends. I also use Bibble Lite 5.1 to process my photos. I'm on Linux (Debian Lenny, 32-bit to be specific). Here's my ...
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Correcting output from Bibble 5 Lite

Bibble 5 Lite only allows output in Kodak ProPhoto RGB, which quite a few applications do not represent correctly (esp. when uploading to web services). AFAIK, ...
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