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Questions tagged [battery]

Vital to all digital cameras, and required for many film cameras — and for many accessories.

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Why won't my Powershot A450 power on?

My Canon Powershot A450 was fine but needed a battery change. Did not turn on with new batteries. Retried old, same result. Tried more new batteries, still no response. Is there a reset button? Or did ...
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I own canon powershot camera A150. It seems the AA bateries I put in it won't seem to power it, what batteries does it need?

I own a Canon Power shot A 150 camera and every time I load AA batteries now, they don't seem to power the camera anymore. I was thinking it was the batteries, but maybe they're the wrong type of ...
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Canon EOS rebel 2000 35mm won’t turn on

I dug out this 35mm film camera from a drawer at my parents. It wouldn’t turn on so I replaced the battery but it still won’t turn on. Any advice?! I’d love to get it up and running if possible. ...
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My 60d won't turn on - even with a fully charged battery

The camera does not power on, even when the battery is fully charged. It is not a battery problem. I have used the battery with other cameras without any problems. The battery indicator on the top LCD ...
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Minolta CLE intermittent fault

I got a Minolta CLE off eBay last year from a reputable trader in Japan, seemingly in great condition, but every now and then I miss a few shots because the shutter waits ~1s before action after I ...
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I am confused with the battery life specifications of the Fujifilm X-T200 on it's official specs page

So, my question is this. The Fujifilm X-T200's specifications website mentions individual movie recording times of 4k, full HD and ...
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