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16 votes
8 answers

Is there really no way to power a DSLR by USB?

I made some scripts on my Raspberry Pi to automate a daily shot at a specific hour. My DSLR is plugged in through USB. I thought this would keep its battery charged, but no. Is there really no way ...
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14 votes
2 answers

What drains the battery of DSLRs the most?

I have found that the battery life of DSLRs is often denoted in terms of possible shots rather than in running time (e.g. according to snapsort, one battery life on a EOS 70D is enough for 920 shots ...
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5 votes
4 answers

What precautions should I take for carrying batteries/shooting in the heat?

Context So I'll be shooting out in the sun for the next few weeks. My camera was overheating in the sun a few days ago and switched bodies for safety reasons. The flash at the end of the shoot was ...
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Can I trick the Pentax K1000's meter to "turn off"?

The Pentax K1000 has a meter that is always on. The manual says the only way to keep the meter from draining the battery when not in use is to put a lens cap on it. However, the needle does not move ...
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10 votes
8 answers

Has anyone successfully restored or revived a completely discharged Profoto B2 Lithium Ion Battery?

I purchased a Profoto B2 250 Air TTL Location Kit which comes with two lithium ion batteries. Unfortunately, other than testing it when I got it, I never really needed to use the second battery as my ...
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2 votes
3 answers

When doing a manual timelapse, is it better to leave the camera on or turn it off between shots?

My DLSR has no timelapse automation function, therefore I'm planning to set my camera on tripod and shot photos remotely. Is it better for camera health and/or battery to keep the camera on for hours ...
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3 answers

What is the best way to care for batteries?

To best maintain the functioning of the standard, rechargeable Lithium ion batteries in modern cameras, should the battery be used until the camera shuts down? Some types of batteries have memory ...
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