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Batch processing is the automated editing of photos or metadata through the use of scripts or recorded actions.

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digikam: reuse edit filter for batch editing

I edited a raw photo and applied some filters (so, I can see them in "used filters" tab in image editing window). I would now like to apply the exact filters in a batch editing for multiple files, is ...
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How to batch edit photos with digiKam and have a preview?

I am not a professional photographer so I do not know the proper terms for many things, I apology myself for this. I will pose my question with an example. I have a set of pictures in digiKam: They ...
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How can I sort photos/videos by its "Date modified" on Windows?

I used phockup to sort photos/videos from my phone's backup. A lot of them ended up in the "unknown" folder since they don't have "date taken". Now I want to sort files from "...
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Can exiftool move images to folders, based on a timestamp?

Can Exiftool move files that have same timestamp (up to the second) to one folder? I was taking pictures with exposure bracketing in sets of 3, so they have same-second timestamps. I want to split my ...
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Flickr: add tag to other people's photos in batch

Let's say I perform a search on Flickr, and I want to add the same tag to all the search results. Adding this tag is allowed when opening the search results one-by-one, but I cannot find any way of ...
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How can I automatically square-crop an image?

I have a large number of photos that I need cropped into squares, the thing is I want to crop them "intelligently" so I don't end up cropping through someone's face if tha isn't necessary. Are ...
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How to normalize exposure in areas of a photo ("photo to scan" look)

A client commissioned me, as an "extra" at the end of a portrait job, to take pictures of graffiti on their stairs walls. in the flat grey area there is a bird painted (censored). Setting up ...
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Batch crop many images to certain ratio

I have over 2000 picture of various subjects and artworks that I want to crop to certain ratio depending on the closest defined aspect ratio. The ratios I need are 1:1 and 7:5 and 1:3 They can be both ...
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