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Batch processing is the automated editing of photos or metadata through the use of scripts or recorded actions.

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What is the best way to auto crop bulk images?

I need to scan a large volume of book covers and even though the scanner (HP) most of the time scans/auto-sizes, many are left with white/grey space on the sides. What is the best way I can automate ...
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Is there a tool to check the file integrity of a series of images?

Sometimes when you're downloading an image and the connection breaks mid stream, you are left with a half downloaded image. If you try to view it you get the upper part of the image and the bottom ...
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How to delete JPG files, but only if the matching RAW file exists?

My early (Canon G2) photos are all JPG, but when I got my Nikon D90 I initially shot in JPG, then switched to RAW+JPG, and now I would like to switch to RAW only. I have literally thousands of photos ...
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How can I batch crop based on face location?

I've got 12,000 photos from an event where there's only one person in each photo. I need to crop these photos to apply rule of thirds. The idea of doing all of these individually is daunting and I can'...
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Is there an easy way to convert all my photos from .NEF to .JPG for upload to Facebook?

I'm using the Adobe CS5 suite and trying to upload all of my pictures to Facebook... and .NEF files are too large to upload, any suggestions?
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How can I get a uniform white balance on a batch of JPEG images?

I have shot many photos of the same subject in JPG. Since I have shot for many hours with different light conditions the white balance is quite different for all the shots. I would like to ...
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Is there a software to automatically crop a scan of multiple images?

I want to digitize my old family albums using a scanner and there are lots of photos in them. Thus far, my method has been to scan 4 images at a time and then manually cropping them in a simple editor ...
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How to mass convert RAW images into JPEG in Lightroom 3?

I have 1000 raw photos that I would like to convert all to jpg. Is there a way I can do this all at once or can I only do it one by one?
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How can I incrementally date photos?

I have a collection of photos that have no date information. They have no Exif data, and the file modification dates are all identical. The only sequence is in the file name: image-0001.jpg, image-...
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How to overlay date and time onto the corner of photos?

Is there any utility which will read a photo's date and time from its EXIF data and embed it into the corner of the photo?
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How do I constrain filesize of a bunch of photos?

I have a bunch of photos of jewelry that I need to upload to a website. Unfortunately there is a 2MB file size limit. Most of the photos are JPEGs over 3MB. I want to keep the aspect ratio, meta data,...
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2 answers

Free Batch Photo Watermaker?

I want to place a small logo in the bottom of about 100 images at onces. Is there a cool, free and easy program I can download where I can do this? I basically want to place a signature watermark in ...
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What's a good batch-mode EXIF data editor?

I'm currently scanning a lot of old slides. The scanner I use has this annoying habit of adding "My beautiul picture" in a description field in the EXIF format. I'd like to use an EXIF editor to get ...
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Can I convert raw files to TIFFs via the command line using Apple's converting engine?

I want to convert from the command line a bunch of RAW files into tiffs using the same converting engine as Apple's Aperture or Preview (in order to get the same results as from these applications). ...
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Is there a way to batch-edit metadata in the Mac OS Photos app?

I've starting using the Photos app built into Mac OS (El Capitan). I appreciate the great integration with iOS/iPhone and iCloud. However, I'm not seeing any features that will let me make significant ...
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Is there a Windows program to edit photo time stamp in batch like in Google Photos? [duplicate]

I have 3000 photos taken this year (2017) on a camera which had the date & time set incorrectly so all these photos are stamped with a 2015 date. I would like to change the time stamp on all of ...
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Queuing panorama rendering on Lightroom

I have a whole bunch of panoramas to render on Lightroom. The problem is that when I render one, my PC is dying and I can't really do much with it, much less continue using Lightroom to develop other ...
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Is there an automated way to create composites from multiple images of a moving object? [duplicate]

I have a large series of aligned images of an object in motion (camera and background stationary) I want to overlay into a single image to show the object in each frame without any alpha blending. I ...
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How can I do automatic background subtraction with a reference image in Photoshop?

I plan on taking a series of pictures of people in a room, keeping a fixed position of the camera, and later remove the background. Essentially, although the background is complicated, it should be ...
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Which is the best batch image watermarking software? [duplicate]

I have lots of images to be watermarked. Is there a good batch image watermarking application that can do the job quickly and easily. I have found some, but none of these have a professional touch.
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Batch resize images to a particular ratio without cropping

I'm looking for a way to batch resize photos to a particular ratio without cropping. For example, if I have pictures with 2x3 ratio which is default for my camera and I want to print it with 5x7 ratio ...
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