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Removing background with background picture as calibration

I use an iPhone 8 to take photos of a thin cylinders of rock sitting on the same floor 20 - 30 times a day. The cylinders sit about the centre and run top to bottom, but not exactly the same place ...
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What is the importance of background color when removing the background?

We are looking to make product images like this: . This is one of the best results that we have achieved with smartphone camera. Our process: Place an item on a grey ...
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Remove low-frequency background

I have a series of images which are vignetted - an artefact which I want to reduce from the images (see the smoothed and down-sampled image). My approach is to subtract a heavily-smoothed version ...
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Why match the background color when shooting to the one that is going to be used in the final presentation when the subjects will be cut out anyways?

In this (Corporate Portraiture Advice) question the photographer explains that he/she is going to use a white background when photographing coorporate portraits even when the final presentation would ...
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Is it ok to shoot plants with a green screen for chroma key?

I need to go outside and take pictures of specific plants in one area, then remove the background, resulting in a just-white background. Right now I only have a GREEN screen (for chroma key). ...
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Why would straight lines become dashed lines after cropping?

I shot an image of a street reflected in a large fisheye mirror. The telephone lines in the background and everything else was fine. I gave it a very slight crop (less than ten percent) and suddenly ...
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How to shoot a transparent item for later background removal? [duplicate]

I have a transparent item and want to take photo which i can use later without using the background, yet not losing the effect on the transparent item.
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