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Questions tagged [back-button-autofocus]

The use of a button on the rear of a camera to focus, as opposed to the typical half-press of the shutter button.

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Built-in Canon R5 intervalometer not triggering with back button focus

I was trying to use the built-in intervalometer on the Canon R5 last night, and at first set-up the shutter wasn't being triggered. I played around with settings for a bit, flipped the lens to Manual ...
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2 answers

When using Back Button Auto Focus, do I release the button before shooting a sequence, or hold it down?

When shooting moving subjects (Sports), am I suppose to keep the back button AF pressed during a sequence of shots? Or do I press til it focuses, and then let go and shoot a sequence? Thank you in ...
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Can I fix Nikon D500 AF button with hot glue?

The AF-on button of my Nikon D500 camera popped off the camera yesterday. It still works if I hold it with a finger and click, but I can't really shoot while holding it all the time. Can I safely ...
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2 answers

Is it necessary to use focus point selection if I use back button focusing?

I'm a beginner in photography who just started using back button focusing.
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2 answers

Why is my Nikon D750 not autofocusing?

I bought a brand new Nikon D750. I'm upgrading from a D3100, big jump, I know. I've shot in manual mode and alternated between auto focus and manual focus depending on the subject. I thought I wasn't ...
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Nikon Ch and AF-S mode - what controls whether the camera will try or not try to refocus during series?

Experimentally, on a D200 that was at hand, set to CH (continuous-high) drive mode, AF-S (autofocus-single), release priority, center focus point only, tracking:Normal (should not affect AF-S?) there ...
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How to enable back button focus on a Canon EOS 1300D?

I have recently switched cameras to a Canon EOS 1300D and I am unable to find how to enable back button focus. Does anyone know how to enable it?
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1 answer

Back button in canon

I recently changed my camera to the back button focus instead of the half shutter settings. But now that I focus pressing the back button to focus and then shoot with the shutter I was wondering if I ...
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2 answers

How do I lock the exposure if I'm using back button focus? (Nikon D7200)

The AE-L/AF-L button on my Nikon D7200 is set to focus the camera. I like this setting, but then I don't have a quick way to lock the exposure settings. The only way I know how to do it is to switch ...
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Focusing issues on live view - Nikon D750 w/ AF-S NIKKOR 24-70mm f/2.8G ED

On a heavily used Nikon D750 w/ AF-S NIKKOR 24-70mm f/2.8G ED: When using live vision, ussualy while holding the camera up over my head, autofocus focuses nowhere. This happens right after having ...
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Can I use touch-to-focus on my Canon 80D with focus set to the AF-On button?

My Canon 80D has a touch to focus function. It works on auto mode, but I have changed my auto focus function to AF-ON button from half shutter button — and it doesn't now. I changed my auto focus ...
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