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How do I shift still images to fit exactly so I can create a timelapse movie?

I want to make a time lapse film with my 365 handheld photos of nature in a year :) Therefore, I have to assemble the photos, which many free video editor programs can do. But how do I do an exact ...
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How do I use align_image_stack to create the bullet-time effect?

I'm trying to do a bullet time effect with nine cameras (for a first test). Obviously, the cameras are not aligned, even with a minimal gap, and the final effect is not smooth. I've found that the ...
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"No Feature Points" and "Bad Params" and no luck with align_image_stack

I want to align aseveral images that contain the progress of assembling an electronic circuit [sample images here:,, https://i....
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Problems with AEB picture alignment

I just got a Canon G1X Mark II as a replacement for a broken Canon G12 and was moderately happy about it, until I started to use it for pretty much the same thing I did before: HDR via Auto Exposure ...
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How can I determine how much an image is rotated w.r.t. to another image? [closed]

I have taken a series of photographs of a mechanical device. The device has a clearly marked element in every photo that has a certain rotation and I need to find what that rotation is in degrees. ...
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Cannot align images with align_image_stack

align_image_stack is free and part of the Hugin tools. However, sometimes aligning images fails, or will give you awkward results - especially in the case of blurry ...
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Software to Auto Align and Blend HDR

I am looking for software that can align photos which are slightly misaligned and then blend them together to produce a HDR photograph. I often find that I am faced with a shot that my camera cannot ...
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Combining multiple shots from a burst for noise reduction, when the subject moves slightly?

Is there a tool to use to combine a burst of exposures (to eliminate noise; all are same exposure) when the subject moves slightly and only in places? For example, you would not notice they are not ...
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How to align several pictures in LR?

Let's say I have several pictures of relatively similar objects (in my case it is boxes of different size). The angle of view shows three sides of a box: This pictures intended to be placed on the ...
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How to auto-align a stack of head shots?

I am working on my own "everyday face" project - taking pictures of myself to combine them in a sequence afterwards. I'm wondering what is the easiest and fastest way to align all pictures so my ...
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Is there any software to batch align copies of a pictures? [duplicate]

Are there any software to batch-align copies of a picture so that they are in same position ? These picture were clicked with a handheld camera. They are all landscape shots taken at different parts ...
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2 answers

How to auto-align slight movements in pictures shot for a timelapse?

I have been working on a project that I have been documenting for the past few weeks. Unfortunately, the camera mount I built causes slight movements of the camera. Therefore between days there are ...
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Does an auto-aligning tripod exist?

Say you want to photograph yourself. The hassle is always framing yourself inside the picture while wanting to walk all around the camera to take snapshots with different backgrounds. Does this exist, ...
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How can I make PhotoMerge work with very dark sections?

Recently, I've been experimenting with stitching together images using Photoshop CS4's PhotoMerge feature. It has always work well except for my most recent attempt. This one was at night (which is ...
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How can I salvage an HDR image from non-optimal source images?

During a recent wedding, I took a number of shots with my Nikon D90 at different exposures, hoping to merge them into HDR pictures. However, it was done in a hurry, i.e. with no auto-bracketing or ...
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What open source software for auto-alignment of photographs?

Do you know any open source tool to automatically align images, similar to the auto align feature in Photoshop?
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What software could I use for aligning time lapse stills to remove camera shake?

I've been playing around with some time lapse sequences shot from the roof of our building in New York. It's terribly windy and the resulting sequence exhibits some slight camera shake. I'm seeking ...
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