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What is the licensing terms of images found on mobile/desktop wallpaper websites?

I have an image which I want to use in my project. I reverse image searched it on Google and TinyEye tool to find its original source. What I found was a bunch of wallpaper hosting websites for phone/...
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Is is unreasonable to ask for photo credit to include my website?

The editor of a magazine whose combined print and digital subscribers number roughly 1.5 million approached me asking to use one or two of my photos in one of their articles. They offered $100 USD ...
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Images from wikipedia in a book with poor attribution

I have found many questions about "attribution" of work in SE but not specifically about this issue. I've found a book published on paper using many images coming from "Wikipedia". At the end of the ...
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Are there any standards for what a photography credit should look like?

Creative commons is well known for standardizing the licencing of photos, allowing photographers to selectively give away their copyrights. Why any photographer would want to do this is beyond me, but ...
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How to attribute Wikimedia Photos?

I am using three photos on my landing page which will be used for advertising on Google. On the top part of the page is a slideshow with three photos, and then on the remaining part of the page, three ...
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Question about legal usage of stock and photos with attribution [closed]

I have a question about legal usage of stock photos which also applies to photos with attribution. If photo is royalty-free and requires one-time purchase, can I take picture with camera of my screen ...
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What does "Signing off attribution" mean?

I'm about to sell a range of images to a client and he asks me for a document to "sign off attribution". What does this mean and where can I find sample contracts?
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How do I correctly provide Creative Commons attribution on a digital print?

I'm using a photo I found on Flickr that is licensed with the Creative Commons non-commercial attribution license. I'm modifying this photo and then will be giving it as a present to a friend. Does ...
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