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Questions tagged [astrophotography]

Astrophotography is the type of photography specializing in celestial objects such as the sun, moon, stars, and sky.

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How can I use the 200 seconds exposure time in Raspberry Pi HQ camera?

I would like to use the Raspberry pi HQ camera for astrophotography. I have read in the answers and comments on this question that I should be able to use a maximum exposure time of 200 seconds. This ...
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Hot do I get rid of satellite trails on astrophotos?

I tried to photograph the Northern Crown constellation last night (2024-05-10 23:40 UTC), but it was crossed by satellites several times: Here are the parameters of both pictures: 24 mm, f/4, 10 sec, ...
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Will Milky Way photos show too much grain when printed at 12×18"?

I want to print out either of these two Milky Way Photos on a 12x18 size photograph (Or vice versa if it is horizontal). ...
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Issue in file selecting to stack in Registax5

I have taken 1998 images of sun using a neural density filter. I preprocessed the images using PIPP and got a list of cropped images which were arranged in order of their quality. But then when I try ...
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