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How can I portray "Voices" for a photography contest theme? [closed]

In a photography contest that I want to take part in, the theme is 'Voices' . What does this mean? How do I portray this? There is nothing given apart from the topic.
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How to achieve simplification in composition?

Simplification is a great tool for creating photographs with artistic quality – it stays away from unnecessary/obvious things and helps the image not to be “busy”. I was searching various blogs and ...
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Is it bad to mimic other photographers to compensate the lack of one's creative skills?

From the technical side I consider myself as a good amateur photographer, but what totally bothers me is that I am not creative, on the contrary. Since five years ago when I started with photography ...
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Suggestions what I can do with 26 images of the same scene taking in different seasons [closed]

I have 26 copies of a scene taken in different seasons from the same position. They are not all perfectly aligned, but can be aligned manually. Here is 1 copy below Can anyone suggest what great ...
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Apart from birds/wildlife and sports what are some "artistic" uses for telephoto lenses?

I mean no offence to birders and sports shooters, but I don't practice those types of photography. So what other types/styles of shooting can be done with long (200-300mm+) lenses, other than the ...
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How do I create a sense of power and splendor in an image?

I'm trying to take that convey strong emotional feelings, and I would like to know whether there is any particular color scheme or type of picture that would convey a feeling of power and/or splendor.
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How to engage in photography without a camera?

My digital camera has bit the dust. Now I wonder how to take pictures without a camera. Photography is an art of making images from the light field present at some particular location at some ...
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How does one take intriguing, artistic shots of older, smaller, historic buildings?

I have the opportunity to photograph a recently renovated old church, a fairly small one, in a small mountain town this coming week (weather permitting). This is actually a church I used to go to ...
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What photographer took this mid 20th-century color photograph?

Can anyone please identify who is the photographer of this picture and what is the name of the picture? It appears taken in middle of 20th century (1950s?) in a rural place. It looks like summer. A ...
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I want to graduate from camera operator to photographer

As a geek, photography is a great subject. Lots of gadgets, physics, electronics etc to debate, discuss and learn about. but how do you transition from being the guy who knows what all the buttons and ...
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Can anyone suggest books/resources on the artistic side of photography?

I am a relatively new photographer. I have no problem understanding the technical side of photography (I am an engineer by trade), but I do struggle with the more 'artistic' side of photography (...
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4 answers

Photography-related disciplines

We're talking a lot here about the technical part of photography, but what are the other related disciplines that help us create better pictures? What one needs to master to be a photographer? When ...