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Elements of a photograph that are generally undesirable or have a negative impact. Examples include noise, flare, dead or hot pixels, sensor "spots", reflections inside the camera/lens system, etc.

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How to correct HDR post-processing artifacts in a series of exposures

I have taken several series of frames that I intend to process into timelapse sequence. Some were taken using a smartphone camera in HDR mode. Due to the post-processing that happens in the device, ...
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Why do I get white images with black vertical stripes?

Apparently my 3 year old Canon EOS 550D is fed up with my style of photography and decided to explore abstract arts instead. All it shows on the LCD and stores on the SD card is this: When I attempt ...
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What are the underlying causes of artifacts seen with anamorphic lenses?

When a camera with an anamorphic lens shows some artifacts, they are usually either an oval bokeh (vertical) or a lens-flare steak (horizontal). How much of these artifacts are due to the "anamorphic ...
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'hot' RGB pixels in CIS flatbed scanner images

I recently got a used Canon LiDE 300 CIS flatbed scanner that, whilst having a scuffed top cover, was completely functional and actually contained less dust under the glass than my other, better ...
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