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Can I continue shooting APS film if I think the roll isn't fully exposed?

My new APS film says it is fully exposed after taking just one photo. Can I continue shooting with it?
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Why is film stuck in my Advantix APS camera?

I bought a cheap Kodak Advantix C450 which I’m quite certain is not working (I am a beginner in film photography so I'm pretty clueless) I was sure it was working at one point but now I’m not sure. My ...
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How can I reuse a roll of Aps Film?

Hello 👋🏻, I just got back into film and purchased a Nikon Pronea S And it takes APS film which I found cool to use again. My issue is that I’m trying to figure out if my camera is defective and if ...
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Does APS film "Processed" indicator mean the film has been developed?

My really old roll of Kodak Advantix APS film tells me via the solid rectangle indicated on its end as "Processed". Does this mean it has been developed? Can I have it developed again for the ...
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How can I scan film from APS canisters?

You may remember APS film. It came out in the 90s, and was quickly replaced by digital. The film was connected to the cannister in a clever way that allowed you to rewind mid-roll. Are there any ...
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Is there a film scanner that can read the data from APS films and include it in the EXIF metadata?

I've a bunch of APS films that I'd like to scan but all the film scanners I've seen on the market today are 35mm scanners; and whilst some have little carriers to allow you to physically scan APS, ...
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