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A phenomena that exhibits or arises due to signal interference as signals of similar frequency interact in a destructive manner. Common examples in photography are "jaggies" along the edges of strait or lightly curved lines, and "moire" when high frequency patterns are resolved by a sensor without an optical low pass filter.

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Can the antialiasing filter be removed to get sharper images?

Assuming I don't care about moire and would like to have my images as sharp as possible, would it make sense to remove the antialiasing filter from my DSLR? Is it something that can be done at home or ...
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Does aliasing occur in film photography?

I have observed aliasing with digital photos and videos. While film does not have infinite resolution, it appears that film grain does not have the regularity of a digital sensor, so aliasing may not ...
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How can I export upscaled images from Lightroom with each pixel just a large square block?

I want to be able to export an image from Lightroom at a higher pixel count than the original— that is, instead of each pixel of the image being one pixel by one pixel, they are, say ten by ten pixels....
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What is a low pass filter, and does a camera need to have one? [duplicate]

I have read on some camera reviews that they don't have a low pass filter and therefore they have sharper images. Since I am a novice, I wonder what is a low pass filter and is it good to have one on ...
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Is the anti alias filter really a blurring filter?

I'm trying to dig into the nature of how the anti aliasing filter works. This is of importance to me as I need to capture small details at the very edge of the resolution limit of the cameras lens as ...
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How to know if a digital camera is doing anti-aliasing filtering? [closed]

Is there any way to know if a cellphone digital camera is automatically doing anti-aliasing filtering? Is there any way to have a control over it?
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Do you lose the increased sharpness of not having an AA filter if downscaling?

I just read the DPreview of the Nikon 5300, and it mentions that its new 24-MP sensor doesn't have an anti-alias (AA) filter, allowing for higher sharpness. I was wondering if you would see the ...
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Has Canon released any point and shoot cameras without optical low-pass filters?

Do either the Canon PowerShot SD880 IS or the S100 have anti-aliasing filters? If so, has Canon announced any P&S model(s) without OLPFs?
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Are images taken with newer DSLRs sharper than those taken with old ones?

When I compare images that I shoot with my 30D against images shot with a friend's 600D, the 600D consistently produces sharper images than my 30D. This is true even when the images are viewed at the ...
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How does an anti-alias filter affect image quality other than reducing Moire?

The commonly stated trade-off for using an anti-alias filter or not is that it diminishes the risk of moire while also reducing potential sharpness. This is what I have seen myself and in many online ...
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Why only recently are digital cameras being sold without low-pass filters?

It seems as though it is becoming more common for new digital cameras to come without low-pass filters. I learned quite a bit from reading the excellent answer here: What is the difference between the ...
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Why is a physical anti-aliasing filter still needed on modern DSLRs?

I understand the purpose of the anti-aliasing (AA) filter is to prevent moire. When digital cameras first emerged an AA filter was necessary to creat enough blur to prevent moire patterns. At that ...
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What is Aliasing and Anti-Aliasing?

What is Aliasing and Anti-Aliasing? Is it a bad thing to have in an image? If so how to avoid it? If you can describe your answer using examples then that would be great.
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How does the new layout used in Fujifilm X-Pro1 sensor improve image quality?

One of the allegedly big advantages of Fujifilm X-Pro1 is its new color filter array layout, which does not require anti-aliasing filter in front of it. In theory, this could mean notable improvement ...
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How does the D800E reverse the effect of an antialiasing filter by adding another filter?

According to the D800E differs from the D800 in that one of the layers of the filter reverses the effect of the initial low-pass filter. How does this work? ...
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What is the difference between the newly launched Nikon D800 and D800E?

These two cameras have been announced by Nikon just this month, and they appear to be quite the same. However, getting the D800E instead of the D800 costs around $300 more. I don't know why that is ...
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