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Want to have 'all photos' with edits (develop settings) on new phone without sync option

I have lightroom mobile 6.2.1 version (unlocked) on old phone with over 162 images under 'All photos'. Sync option is disabled for obvious reasons.  I need to transfer this data to new phone with ...
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Remotely control Canon EOS 60D from Android phone through MacBook

I have a Canon EOS 60D DSLR and I want to shoot with it a stop motion animation. From my first try I learned that I shouldn't touch the camera at all. I can control the camera remotely with EOS ...
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Helios for Android / Timing Sunset pictures in general

So I recently tried to shoot some pictures of the sunset at a specific location, but once I was to late and another time I came about two hours before the sun was, what I thought, in the right ...
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How to produce a wavy effect?

What photo app or editor can be used to produce this wavy effect?
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Android app that lets you do freehand transform

I nees to use free hand transform tool (take a corner and strech outside canvas) on android. I distinctly remember doing so in the past, with some full blown photo editor app, but cant seem to find it....
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Where is capture time recorded in images from the Snapcam Lite wearable camera?

I am using a wearable bluetooth wifi camera. How do I find the time when a particular picture was taken? So far I have tried to look at the metadata on the jpg using Exiftool. I am only able to see ...
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Android software that shoots a range of at least +/– 5.0 EV for the bracketed set

I'm using a Galaxy S7 Edge phone and the Android app called Camera FV-5 to take bracketed exposures for HDR photography. That software takes a bracketed set of +/- 2.0 EV maximum. I found out that I ...
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Do different smartphone apps create different raw pictures?

Androids camera-2 API supports taking photos in raw format (dng for my Nexus 5) with an appropriate camera app. Since there are different apps I could use, I'm wondering if the raw picture data ...
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Android camera application that allows earbud mic clicker to snap pictures?

Is there an Android application that allows a user to snap pictures by clicking the microphone or volume button(s) located on earbuds? I'd rather use this than touching anything on the smartphone.
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Android application similar to Apple Aperture / Adobe Lightroom?

I'm looking for an Android photography application for my tablet which will work similar to Apple Aperture. The main features I'm particularly interested in are: The ability to rate photos 1-5 Basic ...
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Nikon D3200 Android USB control

I have a tablet having Android operating system, and a Nikon D3200 camera. I was wondering if there is any way to connect them together so that I can use the tablet as a remote control. I have already ...
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Are there any Eye-Fi compatible apps that will show histograms?

Certain older cameras like the Canon EOS 1Ds mark II does still deliver good quality but the LCD screen on the back of the camera is really bad compared to more recent ones. It's also so small that I ...
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