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Existing light in the scene, as opposed to flash or video light added by the photographer

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How do I edit my photos like this style? Ambient, cosy etc

I was wondering how you could edit the photo to get it to look like this. A nice cozy, ambient and soft feeling is quite hard to achieve on lightroom. Any presets, tips or suggestions are welcome!
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Brightest Portable Speedlight

I am working on a custom build, where I will be using 2 speedlights attached to each side of the camera to take closeup shots (1-2m away from the subject). For the photos, I will be using a 28mm fixed ...
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When to choose D65 and when to choose ambient light temperature for white point for display calibration?

In my case I am a programmer working with two monitor set up, mostly doing coding and occasionally viewing images. I do not print images, and I just want to pick a good white point for viewing code/...
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How to configure the camera to capture true colors of ambient light?

I'm an amateur photographer and I have a Nikon D5200 and a ColorChecker Passport. I'm trying to understand what are the procedures that I should take to capture the real true colors that I am seeing. ...
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Why is flash TTL metering independent from ambient light metering? [duplicate]

In other words, why is ambient exposure metering independent from TTL metering? Let's say Im taking a picture in a room that has a window and some daylight is getting in,and Im shutting in P (program ...
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How do I take portrait photo with flash and good ambient light as background?

I was taking a building structure with nice ambient light using high ISO without flash. The photo turned out as what I expected. However, when I took it with a person as foreground with Canon ...
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When is it realistic to take a non-flash picture of someone outside after sunset?

This is a question from a non-photographer. I'm writing a scene for a stage play. In my scene, there's a celebrity in crisis in a park after sunset and a photographer who'd dearly like to get a ...
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