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Export out of Order Update LR CC 5.4

Lightroom, having updated to 5.4, exports my albums in with a random photo order. I can't find a setting to change this. Is there a workaround available? Or can this be fixed somehow? Thanks. Windows ...
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Should rotated photos align with the outer edge of an album or the right edge of the page?

I am preparing my photos to put into a physical album. The album is 20cm wide and 25.4cm high; I will print the photos and stick them into the album (rather than print the album). Most of the photos ...
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Standard format for "ordered list of pictures"

Sorry, if I don't get the terminology correct. Newbie question. I'm finally getting around organizing the family pictures (a few 10s of thousands) and I'm trying to do this in the most compatible and ...
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How can I make physical prints that can be kept longer without any damage?

I never used to print the photos that I take. I used to upload all my public work to Flickr and all my personal work to Google Photos. Albums for me were always software albums created on Flickr/...
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How did wedding photographers work in the olden days?

I am very curious to know how international photographers in the olden says such as the 70's or 80's or older, work. How did they deliver albums or photographs to clients?
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