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Can I take pictures of skydivers from the ground?

I'm completely new to photography (beyond using my phone). I have been wondering (and googling) if it's possible to take pictures of people jumping out of airplanes from the ground. A typical ...
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Step-by-step description of the preparations, gear, apps, settings, ... needed to take image of a plane before the moon

I recently saw the following photograph on Facebook by ePixel Aerospace: with the following caption: Mission accomplished! Just about a year ago, I was commissioned to capture a special Qantas/Lunar ...
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How to fly with gear that weighs more than the maximum allowed for carry-on luggage?

Airlines usually weigh your cabin luggage at the check-in/baggage drop-off and do not allow more than 7-8 kilos per person. How to successfully board a flight if the total weight of the gear you are ...
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Who took this picture of a Concorde during the 1973 eclipse, and how?

I know this picture was taken during the 1973 eclipse that was tracked by the Concorde 001 But I haven't been able to find information regarding attribution and techniques of the photograph itself. ...
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Is it possible to make a photo of a plane at cruise altitude with this zoom?

I came along to this photo of a plane flying at cruise altitude. I was really surprised by the level of detail and zoom this photo has. You can even see the tail number of the plane! Is it really ...
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How do I recreate the colours and what seems to be a filter on the image

I found this photo on a flickr page and was wondering how to create those colours and what seems to be some kind of coloured filter added on top. Subject images; https://flic....
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What setup would I need to photograph the numbers of a plane overhead? [closed]

I need to take a photo of a plane that flies over my house. Can someone recommend an inexpensive setup which would enable me to get photos good enough to see the numbers on the plane? The plane comes ...
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Camera selection for model airplane

I have a model airplane that I can put a camera facing straight down to take pictures of terrain. I used a $70 Cannon Powershot with CHDK and some (most) of the images were blurry. I need a camera ...
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Where can I find/ask about restrictions at airports for photographing?

I had my camera with me the other day and was going to use my lunch break to take some photos at the local airport of landings and takeoffs. However with the security concerns that seem to always be ...
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How do I take pictures of planes flying at an airshow?

I would love to get some extra tips on shooting the variety of planes flying at an airshow. I think I am okay with the planes on the ground... but any tips on shutter speed, aperture or anything for ...
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