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ND Filter for Agfa Super Isolette

I'm interested about the Agfa Super Isolette. I know it accepts 29.5mm filters, but I'm not sure if I can fit a LEE System for long exposure. Assuming I can find a 29.5 to X step up filter, I'm afraid ...
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can Agfa Scala film still be processed?

The title says it all. A sub-question: does anyone still honor the Agfa Scala processing mailers sold by Color Reflections ? P.S. I have one such mailer, that anyone here is welcome to, in the ...
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How do I unlock the shutter of an Agfa Billy Record 7.7?

I am not familiar with vintage cameras. On looking through some old family storage boxes I have found an Agfa Billy Record with bellows - I think its the 7.7 model. The shutter button on the top right ...
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