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Nikon lens designation for "Auto-Focus Silent" lenses with an in-built "silent-wave" motor

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Nikon D70 with AF-S NIKKOR 18-70mm lens

I bumped into the tripod and the camera fell onto a carpeted floor. Now the auto-focus is not working. Hold the shutter button half way and the lens moves rapidly back and forth from infinity to 0.38. ...
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What is the difference between these three Nikon 70-300 lenses?

I'm looking to buy a zoom lens for amateur photography to use on my D90 camera. I would like to use it for landscape and wildlife/bird photography. I would like a lens that would autofocus and have VR....
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Are these rear element lens scratches and do they matter?

I got a used Nikon AF-S Micro NIKKOR 60mm 1:2.8 G ED lens, but notice these scratches on the rear element: Am I correct that the white marks are scratches and will these matter or will blur of ...
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Why doesn't manual focus work with my Nikon D7200 and AF-S 300mm f/4 ED?

I have finally gotten myself a D7200 (2.017 & 1.04 firmware) and a 300mm f4/D AF-S (non VR version). My lens's serial number is 33xxxx. AF works, but manual focus does not work. I have tried ...
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Nikin D5500 Nikon 35mm 1,8. Camera won't focus automatically

Why do I have to manually focus in "P" ? This lens says AF-S. I have gone through the settings and tried using different focus settings and the camera won't auto focus but I can manally focus. My ...
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Will Nikon AF-S "G" lenses autofocus on D3xxx bodies?

When I checked the site of Nikon for D3300 camera, I found following description Autofocus is available with AF-S and AF-I lenses; Autofocus is not available with other type G and D lenses, AF ...
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Why is my Nikon D750 not autofocusing?

I bought a brand new Nikon D750. I'm upgrading from a D3100, big jump, I know. I've shot in manual mode and alternated between auto focus and manual focus depending on the subject. I thought I wasn't ...
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Nikon D3300 with AF 50mm lens [closed]

I'm going to buy an AF 50mm lens for my Nikon D3300 because I do not have money to buy an AF-S lens. I plan to use it with manual focus. Will it be worth it and give good results ?
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Why is my NIKON AF-S 18-105 VR on my NIKON D5500 not autofocusing?

When I acquired my camera, my 35 mm AF-s lens clearly worked as did my 18-55 lens. I am not sure a recently acquired 18-105 AF-s lens works. How can I check? Simple replies please as I am clueless. I ...
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Is it stupid to purchase AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D over AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G to save a few bucks? [duplicate]

I own a Nikon D5300 body, but wish to upgrade to a Pro FX body in future (not any time soon). Between AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D and AF-S NIKKOR 50MM F/1.8G, I prefer to buy the former, but at the same ...
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What is the difference between the AF-S 50mm f1.8G and the AF 50mm 1.8D? [duplicate]

I am curious to know what is the difference between an AF-S and AF lens. What makes AF-S more costly than AF? Is there any difference in image quality ?
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Will any non-AF lens work on a Nikon camera with built in AF already in the camera body?

I want to purchase a camera with a built in autofocus motor, but I want to know if lenses without autofocus will then focus automatically on that camera body. In other words, can I buy a Nikon camera ...
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Nikon 300mm autofocus makes noise and stops working temporarily

I have a Nikon D5100 and a used Nikkor 300mm AF-S f/2.8D IF-ED II, where the two usually work great together. However, if I use autofocus a few times in a row (usually when the change in focus ...
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How Autofocus with Single Focus Point works after Re composing

I own a Nikon D7000 which of course has 39 focus points. I was going through some articles on internet on focusing techniques. One article I came across was say shooting people (portraits) I should ...
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Is the lack of AF Motor on the Nikon D5100 an important factor?

I had made up mind on purchasing a Nikon D5100 during the holidays but only yesterday I realized that it doesn't have a AF motor with it. This is forcing me to change to Canon 550D which is in the ...
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Do AF-S lenses work with bodies with in-built motors?

I have D-5000 body (without AF motor in the body) and two AF-S lenses. If I upgrade my body to more expensive body one with built-in AF motors, will AF-S lenses work (do autofocus) with new body ? ...
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