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Questions tagged [aerial-photography]

Photographs of the ground from above. Including from airplanes, helipcopters, balloons, kites, multicopter drones.

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How can I adjust the RAW (DNG) files from my FIMI X8 SE 2020 drone to achieve colors similar to the default JPG files?

I got a FIMI X8 SE 2020 drone a couple years ago, which has a good quality camera. However, when I shoot in RAW+JPG mode, I notice that the RAW (DNG) files have dull and distorted colors compared to ...
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Calculate bounding box coordinates from EXIF data

I am very much a newbie to this field and I am having problems understanding the mathematical equations given in some of the related questions on other exchange websites. Basically I want to calculate ...
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Why is film still used in aerial imaging applications?

Kodak still makes some film stocks specifically for aerial imaging uses: I'm surprised that film is still being used in an ...
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How could I stabilise an aerial camera in one axis?

I am refining an externally-mounted camera system for light aircraft that is attached to the wing strut, and would like to stabilise the camera in one axis so that the roll of the plane doesn't affect ...
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What are the focal lengths required for aerial photography in alt range 400-1200m?

first i am new in the field: If i have a UAV fly in alt range between 400-1200m, and i want to capture photos like Google Satellite maps, and specifically i want the photos to have the same (or close ...
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Capturing aerial night photos during plane takeoff

asking for CCs please. Raw picture and edited one using Lightroom. Fujifilm XT-100, 15-45 mm, 15mm, f/3.5, 1/125, 6400. Took it while takeoff. I only got 1/125 shutter speed to capture as much trade-...
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Why do I get pinkish tint on some photos in DJI Mavic 2 Pro hyperlapse?

I tried to take a twilight hyperlapse with Mavic 2 Pro. However, there is a pinkish tint unevenly distributed randomly in the shots: Needless to say, all images have the same settings (as part of ...
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Why does a polarizer lead to these strange visuals above the clouds?

I was on a plane recently and took a few pictures from the window. I had the polarizer on initially, and observed this circular rainbow effect: . What is the reason for this?
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Adjust manual focus for sharper images with Sony RX0,for aerial photography

I am taking photos around 80m altitudes (with Sony RX0) with a moving drone,Shutter Speed is set to 1/1000 to prevent blurs,I want to take sharp images with manual focus,how should I adjust settings ?
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Recreate aerial photograph: find correct position

My father has an old aerial photograph of the neighbourhood where he lives (and where I grew up), while it was still under construction, taken around 1975. It's not digital of course, but I ...
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Red-channel rolling shutter in google maps?

Google Maps's current view of Schiphol's runway 36R fortuitously includes five time-lapse images of a landing airliner. Oddly, each image of this white airliner has prominent red and cyan ghost ...
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How can I tell what my military camera was used for?

I have an original U.S. WWII Army Air Force Graflex k-20 Aircraft camera. Is there any way to tell what missions my camera was used on? I do have the serial number for it.
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Difference between a "camera at three broad spectral bands" (sic.) and a standard RGB camera?

I am doing a research that involves aerial photography, specifically forest surveying. In one paper, "Automated tree crown delineation from imagery based on morphological techniques", I found this ...
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How to calculate the correct position for this inception style photo

I came across this post: How is this changing vertical perspective effect achieved? Let's say those pictures have been taken by a drone, how would you calculate the positions (latitude, longitude), ...
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What is the x and y camera gimbal angle for a drone?

I was looking at this stack exchange question. How do I calculate the ground footprint of an aerial camera? I'm trying to calculate the area a photo footprint captures depending on the elevation of a ...
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9 votes
2 answers

How is this changing vertical perspective effect achieved?

I came across few pictures of this kind, but find it difficult to search for the way people make them. What kind of settings you should use in your camera, and do you use photoshop after that? ...
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Do the DJI Phantom 3 & 4 produce the same amount of fish-eye as previous Phantoms?

I'm wondering if the generation 3 and 4 of the DJI Phantom are still producing the same fish-eye effect on photography as the Phantom vision 2.
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Why do drones capture images that are curved at edges?

Every photos I have seen of drones taking images at high altitudes, had a kind of curvature at the edges of the photograph. I mean, I know the earth is round. But it is also huge, and IMO, you shouldn'...
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Can I take an aerial photography drone on a plane as carry-on? [closed]

I live in US and thinking to travel to Europe next spring. I'm thinking to get a drone with couple extra batteries and take it with me as a carry on to get some aerial shots. Anybody had any ...
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Why is the field of view of my lens narrower than my calculations show it should be?

The field of view of the Panasonic GH4 Micro Four Thirds camera with a 12mm lens is 84°. At a height of 120m, pointing straight down, I should be able to see 216m1 of ground across the diagonal of ...
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How do I calculate the ground footprint of an aerial camera?

I have a very simple math problem, but I cannot seem to figure it out. I need to calculate what portion of the ground will be visible when viewed from a UAV mounted camera. I believe I have it solved ...
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How to place a light-weight point and shoot camera on a balloon

How do I place a light-weight point and shoot camera on a balloon filled with helium gas?
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How to calculate Hugin lens data for Aerial Photos

I have some aerial photographs from the 60s and 70s I want to stitch together. I known nothing about the camera that took these photos, and am not sure how to calculate the Focal Length or Horizontal ...
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Camera selection for model airplane

I have a model airplane that I can put a camera facing straight down to take pictures of terrain. I used a $70 Cannon Powershot with CHDK and some (most) of the images were blurry. I need a camera ...
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Is this a real photo of NYC?

I found this somewhere online, unattributed. I'm wondering if it's synthetic or a real photo. If it's real, how has it been shot and/or post-processed to make it look so much like a computer game - ...
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How can I add geotagging information to aerial photos?

I have a small high wing airplane. I want to take aerial photographs and use them in DeLorme Xmap 8 software program. I have a GoPro camera 3, which I can mount to a wing strut and take pictures ...
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Is there a word for the point where the optical axis meets the ground plane in a scene?

In aerial photography, or photography in general: Is there a term for the point where the optical axis intersects the ground plane( scene)?
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Determine the size of an object from an aeriel photo [duplicate]

Given: I shoot from 1,000 feet ASL I used Canon 1000D with 500mm telephoto lens Question: How can I measure or find the size of an object that i shoot using the following data? Can you show me the ...
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Why is this aerial picture of an airplane in flight not blurry?

So this might be more a physics question but I was wondering why the plane isn't blurry in this satellite photo? I am assuming the its traveling quite fast!,-0....
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Laws regarding photos taken from airplane?

What are the laws for photos taken during a commercial flight? Just shooting some clouds outside the window and maybe a small city picture after takeoff. Anything I need to know?
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What are ways of improving aerial photos?

When taking photos from a plane, what are ways of improving the quality of your photos? I've noticed two main issues: When photographing through the plane window, you'll often get reflection and off-...
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What caused incorrect geotagging of my aerial photos?

I tried to geotag my photos from my DSLR using GeoSetter software. Although I corrected the time shift (I had 16 minutes difference between camera and GPS time) I am still unable to geotag my photos ...
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Why does my autofocus fail in windy conditions?

When I say windy, I mean inside 100+mph prop-wash, shooting from an open cockpit aircraft. The camera is an Olympus C-765 UltraZoom, which features a retracting zoom lens. It may be that manually ...
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How do I control the camera in Kite Photography?

I saw an older post on the site that mentioned Kite Photography. I find that very interesting, and I want to try it. I have a couple of old compact cameras that I wouldn't mind putting them at risk. (...
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DSLR, Lens, and other considerations for Aerial Photography

I'm going to be getting into aerial photography of properties, buildings and homes. Is there anything in particular to keep in mind when shopping for a camera and lens?
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Image stabilization in aerial photography

Is image stabilization useful when shooting from a flying plane or helicopter?
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