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is used to translate one fitting to another via connection

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How do I figure out which C adapter I need to use a CX4 Microscope Camera?

I work on very small electronics and I was trying to get a camera to take pictures of the boards that I work on. I ordered a CX4 cmos camera and got a C adapter to attach it to my microscope. It ...
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Godox X Pro Flash Trigger Using Center Pin only does not fire Godox TT600 flash

Godox Xpro (C) mounted on Canon 5D Mark III hotshoe with single pin adapter between hotshoe and trigger will not fire Godox TT600 speedlites. Without the adapter between hotshoe and trigger I can ...
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Is there an adapter that allows me to use a cellular phone telephoto lens (M17xP0.75) on a M37 video camera?

I have a digital video camcorder that uses a 37mm thread mount for lenses. I would like to try to use a telephoto lens made for a cellular phone on the camcorders 37mm threaded lens mount. Is there ...
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Can I adapt my 38mm auxillary lens microscope to use more widely available 42mm ones?

I have a Bausch and Lomb/Leica StereoZoom 4 microscope that I would like to use for microsoldering and occastional photos. Unfortunately, it only has 10X eye pieces and no auxillary lenses or ...
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50MM 1.8 Lense will not longer focus using Alston adapter

I have had the Alston Mount Adapter CEF-SE for a year. I recently started experiencing manual and autofocus issues when using any of my Canon lenses. At first, it would allow me to focus or attempt to ...
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