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is used to translate one fitting to another via connection

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Is it worth it to buy an FD-EOS adapter, or is it better to exchange a misbought lens?

I recently bought a manual-focus (since manual doesn't bother me) 100mm prime macro lens. However, I didn't notice at the time of purchase that it was an FD lens. (I'm a hobbyist; I didn't know Canon ...
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How will old M42 lenses work on a Nikon camera?

I wanted to get some cheap old lenses to use on my Nikon DX DSLR (D3100). However, Nikon has one of the greatest flange distances of all manufacturers, which means that most lenses I can buy (M42 ...
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Is it possible to adapt lens from one brand into another brand's body? [duplicate]

I'm thinking about buying my first DSLR (I have no experience) and was thinking about the lens brand issue. I'm thinking I should buy a Pentax Kx because of it's cost-effective value, but I'm ...
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Maximum focusing distance when using Canon FD to EF adapter?

I have an old Canon A1 camera, and a 50mm 1.4 ssc FD lens for it. I also have a Canon 30D, but sadly no 50mm lens for it. I was planning on getting a (lensless) FD-EF adapter to use the 50mm on my 30D....
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Pentax to Canon Adapter

My dad has an old Sears KS-2 + 50mm f/1.7, which from a bit of research seems to use a Pentax K-mount. I've looked around a bit and found a Pentax to Canon adapter, which says it supports af-...
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CF adapter: SD vs. PCI

I'm unsure if I should buy a CF-SD adapter for my camera (replacing one that just died) or a CF-PCI adapter for my laptop and a new CF card. Can anyone share any experiences or recommendations that ...
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How can I reverse-mount a Canon F/1.4 50 mm for macro photography?

I'd like to experiment with mounting my Canon F/1.4 50 mm lens backwards to experiment with macro photography (on a Rebel Xti). What kind of gear do I need, and how do I go about it?
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How can I use a vintage M42 manual prime on an entry Nikon DSLR?

I have got an old lens Helios 44-2 (58mm f/2 M42 mount) that I want to use for portraits on my Nikon D3100. I used an adapter (without optical element) to mount the lens. I want to really try this ...
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Cutting lens filter/accessory threads

I'm interested in making some custom lens accessories, but am stuck trying to find a tool, or method suitable for cutting this style of thread. Adapters with these threads already cut are cheap and ...
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Should I use a SD to CF adapter in my older camera?

I've finally upgraded to digital, with the Canon EOS 5D (Mk. I). I'm debating the advantage of using an SD-CF adapter vs regular CF cards. The primary advantage of the former is that it avoids ...
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Is it possible to mount Pentax lenses on Sony NEX with an adapter?

I wonder whether it would be possible to mount Pentax lenses on a Sony NEX, using an adapter. Are such adapters already available? Would it be possible to have automatic focus?
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Which DSLRs can be used with Minolta Auto Bellows I?

Will a DSLR camera body mate with the Minolta Auto Bellows I? Which DSLR will work, if any? To clarify, I'm a novice. I've posted a photo with a black round bar projecting out of the bottom of the ...
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Is there a difference between getting a Rokinon with MFT mount vs Nikon mount + MFT adapter?

I, for now, have a Micro Four Thirds camera and I am considering buying one of the Rokinon/Samyang/Bower lenses (these are all branded clones of same lens). If you go on Amazon, for each lens, you ...
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Does Pentax make a lens adapter to fit Olympus lenses?

I have some Olympus lenses I found at an estate sale, does Pentax make an adaptor to fit these?
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How do I figure out which adapter I need to put an old Vivitar lens on a Minolta body?

I'm looking for the correct adapter model to fit a 70-210mm zoom Vivitar lens onto the body of my Minolta Dynax 300si camera. As I will probably need to go to eBay, it would really be great to get it ...
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