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How to research flicker free controllable continuous RGB light sources?

I'm currently looking for controllable, continuous RGB light sources which can be used for fotography in terms being free from any PWM artifacts or flicker. I'm not asking for actual products (though ...
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Flicker Frequency for taking snapshot of monitor

When a snapshot of a monitor with refresh rate 60 Hz is taken with a camera with rolling shutter config operating at 30 FPS, what is the expected flicker frequency in the resultant image? CONTEXT: I ...
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What causes neon sign light to smudge like this?

In person, the sign is pure white. This was taken with my iPhone X. Is it the camera shutter speed?
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Lighting variances on sport mode

I’m trying to shoot continuous movement indoor im Sport Mode. The room is well lit but the photos come out with drastically varying lighting so some photos in the sequence are well lit while others ...
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How can one correct intensity flicker due to AC line frequency?

Is there a good image processing method to get rid of the horizontal stripes in the images taken under fluorescent lighting? These stripes (flicker) occur when you take pictures indoors due to the 50 ...
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What causes a band-like pattern in photos of a CFL?

In an image of a compact fluorescent light bulb, I couldn't figure out the reason for the formation of light and dark bands sort of thing in the image. The same thing happens when I try taking a ...
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