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Super zoom lens vs Nikon Coolpix P1000 [duplicate]

I know the question is not well posed, but I was thinking for shooting the moon, distant wildlife, and macro photography can I compare the following setups? Nikon D810 + 70-200mm f/4G VR Nikon ...
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Will I miss anything if I replace my aging DSLR with a bridge camera?

This is my first question in /photography. I'm a very amateur photographer, doing things wrong and by eye with lots of trial-and-error all the time. I currently own a reflex Nikon D70 my uncle gave ...
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How do I calculate the difference in lens reach between a superzoom compact and a DSLR zoom lens?

I know it's a beginner question, but I spent the last 3 days reading this forum and other resources on the Internet and I reached a breaking point. So decided to ask the question after all, as I ...
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When comparing camera sensors, what does [x] µm Pixel mean, and what does it say about image quality

In this article (sorry its german) I read about camera sensors. They show values like 1,4 µm Pixel, or 1,55 Pixel. What does this mean, and how is it related to sensor size? If I got it right, a ...
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How do I decide on a camera/lens with high zoom range?

I need a camera that is not so bulky (even though additional lens is fine with me — not more than one extra lens). Also, I am not looking at those high-end camera such as Nikon or Canon Mark III. ...
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Point-and-shoot with 50x zoom or DSLR with small zoom? [duplicate]

I am beginner in photography and want to buy a small and cheap camera for learning purposes. I am in a dilemma: should I purchase a point and shoot camera with high zoom (50X) or should I purchase a ...
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Does a lens with this zoom range exist?

I want to buy a zoom lens for a DSLR but I want its Focal length to start from a small number (18, 55, 100, 200) and end to a very large number (1300, 2600) so it can see near and far. Also I want it ...
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What lens would I need to photograph a very distant cathedral dome?

I want to be able to photograph the dome of St Paul's cathedral from King Henry's Mound in Richmond Park. Would a telephoto or zoom lens be the best, what focal length/zoom would be the best for ...
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Compare superzoom image with DSLR image

I take photos of birds and frequently use most of the 50X zoom available on my Canon SX50 camera, which has a 1/2.5” sensor (about 25 square mm). I want to compare the superzoom image I get to what I ...
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Is there any Superzoom Point&Shoot camera available which offers more telephoto zoom than Nikon Coolpix P1000?

I am planning to buy a Superzoom point and shoot camera and my goal is to get maximum telephoto zoom. I have ended up in Nikon Coolpix P1000. I went through this article: The 20 Best Superzoom Cameras ...
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Best lens for my D5300 [closed]

I travel a lot and enjoy taking pictures of old structures, landscapes, as well as alleyways, staircases, and doorways. Can you recommend an all around lens for my Nikon D5300. Ps. A little zoom ...
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Universal solution for wide focus length DSLR camera in 2017

Please help me to find the right solution for my needs. I'm looking for a high quality camera, it should be modern, capable to record high-quality videos in FullHD (4K not needed at all). In the ...
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