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How can I avoid star trails without an expensive tracking mount?

I want to take pictures of the Milky Way or a lunar eclipse or earth glow on the moon, but I don't have an equatorial tracking mount, and don't want to spend that much money on one. How can I get ...
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Why am I unable to capture as many stars as I can see with my eyes with my new DSLR?

I have recently been given a Nikon D7000 as a gift. I have been trying to take pictures of stars on very clear nights. However, I am unable to make the camera capture many of the stars. My eyes seem ...
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What is noise in a digital photograph?

What kinds of effects are present in digital images that are referred to as "noise"? What are the different sources of noise? What causes each type of noise? What are the characteristics of the ...
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How can I achieve more clarity in my photos of the moon?

I took this photo of the blood moon this morning and I am finding many of my photos, especially landscape photos, have a significant lack of clarity. I'm not looking for a photo critique because I ...
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What equipment do I need for astrophotography?

Is it possible to create a picture like the following, using a D7100 camera with a standard 55-105mm lens. If not, what is needed for this kind of photography?
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What features to look for in a motorized DSLR mount for astrophotography?

I'm planning a foray into astrophotography, and am looking for some advice on features to look for in a motorized equatorial DSLR mount. I'm interested in both wide angle and deep field pictures. I ...
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What should I look for in a camera for shooting in bulb mode for astrophotography?

I am interested in astrophography and I would like to learn and experiment with long exposure. I have been looking around for some dslr cameras but I can't find much information about bulb mode for ...
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How do star trackers work to take a photo for 5 minutes without blur, and are they worth it?

I'm contemplating trying to make one of these star trackers, but after everything I've read, including the two star tracking related stackexchange posts, I don't know if I understand how they work. (...
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Astrophotography: Balancing the ISO value

I went outside last night and made some... pictures. The details about my setup: Sony alpha 6000 Varexon 2.8/135mm lens (would be 202.5mm on 36mm film) ISO 25600 3 seconds (a bit too long, given the ...
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Which tracking motor to use for low-end wide-angle astrophotography?

I'd like to dabble in photographing the milky way in wide-angle, say 10mm, with long exposure times/time lapse, and maybe some longer photography lenses, but not mounted to a telescope. To avoid ...
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