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Can you "open" RAW camera files? [closed]

I was having a conversation with my father who used to be a photographer, and I said “when I open a raw file…” He interrupted me and said, "you can never open a raw file, the editing software ...
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Why do RAW images look worse than JPEGs in editing programs?

I've found that when you load a RAW image into an editing program such as Lightroom/Aperture, the image is usually worse than if you just took the image as JPEG. Now I understand that the camera does ...
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While shooting in RAW, do you have to post-process it to make the picture look good?

I always shoot in RAW. But I take lots of pictures, when I am out shooting I might come home with 600+ pictures. Many of these pics are copies of the same motive, but with different aperture, shutter, ...
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Is it better to continue shooting in JPEGs instead of RAW if you are not planning to do post processing? [duplicate]

If I don't want to do post processing of the photographs, is it better to continue shooting in JPEGs instead of RAW? Or is there a push-button workflow which will produce better JPEG images by doing ...
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How do I start with in-camera JPEG settings in Lightroom?

I'm a novice shooting in RAW and find that half the time my camera JPEG images come out better than my Lightroom tweaks to RAW files. So to give myself a better start I'd like to apply the JPEG ...
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Why do my photos look different in Photoshop/Lightroom vs Canon EOS utility/in camera?

I've recently been shooting in raw with my new 100mm usm is macro but I'm getting strange results in out of focus areas with bright colours in. I've used Lightroom for ages and not had any issues with ...
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Why does the quality of photos shot in RAW change after a few seconds when viewing them on a computer?

I have been taking a photo class for the past month or so and the professor told us to shoot in raw for a few assignments. When I view the pictures shot in RAW (on a canon rebel t7) on my computer, ...
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Opening NEF files on windows initially open fine but then change contrast

I have a strange issue with Windows 10 When I open .nef files they load fine. However after a second or two the contrast changes noticeably. I tried ...
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How to automatically apply a Lightroom Preset based on appropriate (Canon) Picture Style on import

Note: I do not believe this question is a duplicate of "How to emulate the in-camera processing into lightroom" (I referred to this question in my question) I just want that my monochrome images stay ...
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How do I get Lightroom 4 to respect custom shooting profile on 5d Mk II? [duplicate]

I've got a profile loaded on to my 5D for use when we're shooting video for our clients. The profile gives us a very flat, almost desaturated image that we can dress up in post. When I shoot RAW ...
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Is the Preview file always the photo taken by the camera?

When I take a photo with a digital camera (I own many*), I can preview it with the ▶︎ button. However, sometimes, cameras will displays a Preview photo that seems of a different quality than the ...
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Match colors in Lightroom to other editing tools [duplicate]

I noticed that sometimes Lightroom develops a raw image quite differently from my Canon camera or DPP (Digital Photo Professional by Canon). Even if in 90% of the cases I'm happy with Lightroom, in ...
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