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When should I upgrade my camera body?

As the question says, when should I upgrade my camera body? In particular, if I have a low- to mid-range body (A DSLR such as a Nikon D3200 or Nikon D5100, or Canon SL1 or T5, or a mirrorless camera ...
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Lots of noise in my hockey pictures. What am I doing wrong?

I often take pictures of hockey players but they have a lot of noise and look very bad. I guess my lens doesn't have a big enough aperture, but I'd like to know what I could do to take better shots. I ...
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Why automatic mode is worse than manual? [duplicate]

I have bought a micro 4/3 camera recently and only getting into the basics of photography. What I heard on photo forums is that a rule of thumb is to try not to use an automatic shooting mode and ...
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Should I use a 24-105 or a 70-200 lens for photographing a high school marching band?

Ok, I am an amateur photographer and I will start being the marching band photographer for my high school. I will get a Canon 7d soon, but I'm told it has poor low-light capabilities, which is a ...
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How does light quality vary between fluorescent (CFL) and incandescent?

I have two sets of soft boxes. One has incandescent bulbs (3,200k) and the other uses compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL @ 5,500K). I'm trying to sort out some of my understandings regarding the light ...
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How to edit photos shot in fluorescent light

I recently shot a series of pictures (portraits and group shots) in a room with bad (fluorescent) light. I had no possibility of changing that lighting situation. Now back at home and in Lightroom I ...
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Why are my football action shots blurry?

I am shooting with a Nikon D5200 using a 55-200mm lens to take photos of a high school football game. I'm using the sports setting but unsure what my other settings should be. Can you please help? ...
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Which Canon lens would be better to capture high school wrestling, 55-250 STM or 70-300 IS II USM?

I have a Canon T7i. I was told either the Canon 55-250 STM or the 70-300 IS II USM would be good to shoot high school wrestling. I am still confused, there’s a bit of a price difference. Which would ...
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Is there a low light picture quality difference between 50mm 1.8 G and 85mm 1.8 G Nikon?

Yesterday I went to the Nikon showroom and tested both the lenses with 5500 and 5300 bodies. Not sure which lens was mounted on which one though. There were florescent yellow bulbs in the shop, no/...
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Color matching Product

How can i match colors from the real world to my computer monitor. I have seen tons of post talking about matching colors from picture to picture, calibrating colors on my monitor, etc. But i haven't ...
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Sports Photography [duplicate]

I have a Canon EOS Rebel T3 with a zoom lens EF 75-300mm. What I am trying to do is take pictures of my son on the soccer field. I would love not to have the blur face just some really nice pics. He’...
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