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Four-thirds (or any crop) sensor compared to full sensor camera: question about the meaning of “doubling the effective focus length.” [duplicate]

I can best ask this by setting up a situation: A friend and I are standing in the same place pointing our camera’s at, say, the same bird that is some distance away. I have a micro four-thirds crop ...
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What does it really mean that telephoto lenses "flatten" scenes?

This is another perspective distortion question. I understand that perspective distortion is primarily a function of capture and viewing distance, but I am still working on fully understanding the ...
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Is there a difference between taking a far shot on a 50mm lens and a close shot on a 35mm lens?

I am looking for a prime lens to pick up, and I'm wondering if there is any difference between 35mm and 50mm in terms of the end product if I just stand back more with the 50mm. I use the Sony a6000 ...
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Why is the background bigger and blurrier in one of these images?

On my EM-10 Mk2, I'm testing a Panasonic 25mm f1.8 (top image) against the 20mm f1.7 (bottom image). I tried to make the lamp take up the same space in the frame before focusing, yet the background ...
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What is the difference between perspective distortion and barrel or pincushion distortion?

I've heard of: perspective distortion barrel distortion pincushion distortion mustache distortion What are these different types of distortion, and how do they relate? What causes them, and can they ...
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Would a 50mm lens on a Canon APS-C crop produce the exact same image as an 80mm lens on a full frame camera?

Scenario: I put a 80mm lens on a FF camera and take a picture I put a 50mm lens on a Canon APS-C crop camera (1.6x crop) and take a picture Going by the 1.6x crop, I understand the fields of view of ...
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Does wide angle equivalent in crop sensor skew image?

I see many posts on both this forum and elsewhere the discuss the use of a wide angle on a crop sensor. For example, they discuss how at 14mm lens is 14mm on a 35mm film or full frame, but with a 1....
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Does sensor size affect lens distortion?

There was recently a video posted about how different focal lengths affect portrait photography, specifically how distortion at smaller focal lengths have more distortion and are less flattering. So ...
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How is focal length facial distortion different on an APS-C sensor compared to a full frame? [duplicate]

From my understanding (and research) focal length affects how a face will end up looking on a photograph. Here's an example of focal length distortion on a full-frame sensor: My question is: will a ...
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Can a telephoto lens have a wide field of view?

85mm-135mm lenses are great for portraits because of compression perspective distortion, meaning they flatten facial features. However at those focal lengths, you have to step back a few meters from ...
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Do crop sensors on SLRs changes the depth and flatness of the objects as well? (in comparison to same focal length on full frame sensors)

1- I know different focal lengths change the depth and flatness of an objects in the picture. For examples longer focal lengths make objects appear flatter so they will be appropriate for portraits. ...
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Why do you need to change your position rather than just focal length to affect perspective?

Why must you change your distance from an object to change your perspective of it? Why is it not sufficient to change the focal length of your lens (the zoom level) to change your perspective?
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Focal length on Full frames and cropped sensors

Yes, this subject again. But I have a slightly different question and I was unable to find an answer here or anywhere else. I understand a 50mm lens is a 50mm lens ALWAYS. I understand that "...
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What can an 11mm lens do what a 50mm can't?

I think that with 50mm I will be forced to shoot at minimum f8 to keep everything visible, and will have to move back to include everything in the scene. Is there anything else that will stop me from ...
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FX 50mm on DX sensor giving same picture as DX 50mm on DX sensor? [duplicate]

One of the lenses I have for my Nikon D3200 is the 50mm f/1.8 FX lens, which when placed on the DX sensor should act like a 75mm f/2.7. On my Sony a6000, I have a 55-210mm f/4.5-6.3 lens made for the ...
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