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Why are Red, Green, and Blue the primary colors of light?

Colors don't have to be a mixture of red, green, and blue because visible light can be any wavelengths in the 390nm-700nm range. Do primary colors really exist in the real world? Or did we select red, ...
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How to check if a photo is edited (even basic edits like exposure and white balance)?

A competition I want to participate in demands that they want unedited photos. The submission should not even have basic edits like brightness, saturation, white balance etc They claim they'll check ...
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RAW files store 3 colors per pixel, or only one?

Ken Rockwell says that camera makers consider the individual R/G/B sensors when they talk about megapixels. So the image below would be a 6x6 pixel camera, not 3x3 as you would imagine. If that's ...
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How to increase the quality of photos taken through a DSLR?

I have been shooting for six months now using my Nikon D5600 and the 18-55 mm kit lens. I use Photoshop to do the color manipulation for my images. When I finish I export them in PNG format and upload ...
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Can all colors be described with RGB?

If one could pick ideal sensitivities for the RGB filters of a camera sensor, would it be possible to capture any color as humans see it?
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Why is there a loss of quality from camera to computer screen [duplicate]

When i take a photo it looks bright, sharp and vibrant colours, but when it is transferred to my computer it looks so bad. Very dull and dark with weak colours. I have to brighten and increase ...
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RAW in ACR vs JPG in ACR

Photoshop has now given the facility to open and edit JPEGs and other non-RAW file formats using Adobe Camera Raw. One doesn't have to shoot RAWs to do some heavy edits. So is there still any benefit ...
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Blur faces in raw images

Is there a way to edit a raw image to black out or blur faces in raw images. The purpose would be to post images online for editing advice whithout identifying the people in the shot. I’m currently ...
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Assuming no editing, what's the difference between in-camera jpegs and lightroom jpegs? [duplicate]

I have a Canon 6D. I usually shoot RAW + JPEG. I shoot RAW so I have the option to edit, but I don't actually edit most of my pictures. I've noticed that if I just import into Lightroom and export ...
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Darktable doesn't seem to render RAW consistently VS lightroom

I am running into an issue with working on RAW images in darktable where the images are not being rendered in the same way that Lightroom renders them. For example, the following is a crop from an ...
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What is white balance in a camera? When and where should I use WB? [duplicate]

I like to do different experiments in my photography. Recently I was experimenting with white balance. Can anyone help me? What is actually white balance and when it is used? Do you have an example?
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RAW photos appear faded and overexposed in Lightroom Classic

In Lightroom Classic CC 12.2.1 (LR), I've noticed that my images look overexposed and faded compared to viewing them in FastRAWViewer (FRV). Below is an example from FRV: And here is the same RAW ...
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Why is there difference in white balance between Canon and Nikon even in RAW files?

I have Nikon and Canon codec installed in windows 10 so I can open images directly. I also have lightroom for comparing images. When I open the same image shot on Nikon D3400 and Canon 200D on auto ...
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Colors Mismatch Between Photoshop RAW and Windows Preview

I'm having colors issue with RAW files (.CR2) from my Canon EOS. The colors for both files RAW (.CR2) and JPEG are identical in Windows 10 preview. I want to get the same colors in Photoshop RAW. Why ...
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Which color model to use while editing photos? RGB? Or some else?

I want to shoot few photos using smartphone. Nature, landscapes. From smartphone I will receive JPEGs, RGB. I will trasfer them to computer. Next step I will convert them to TIFFs. Next step I will ...
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