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RAW files store 3 colors per pixel, or only one?

Ken Rockwell says that camera makers consider the individual R/G/B sensors when they talk about megapixels. So the image below would be a 6x6 pixel camera, not 3x3 as you would imagine. If that's ...
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Why does BRIGHT red in direct sun come out orange?

I was at the NEC today dropping off a car for an auction, and took this quick photo (no intention to use for anything so no attempt at composition!) This was taken on a LG Nexus 5 mobile phone. I ...
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What is a blown out background?

I've started using Photoshop recently and a lot of people mention "blown out backgrounds", and how to stop them — but never explain what they are. Could someone explain?
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RAW to TIFF or PSD 16bit loses color depth

I was under the impression 16 bits would keep the same depth. But for my great shock I have noticed that there is a considerable lost of depth. Testing with a Canon Mark II raw and using both ...
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What does it mean when color channels clip?

I know about color channels. They represent the amount of color (light) in a photo. Usually in red, blue and yellow or red, blue and green. Black and white only has a greyscale channel. Setting the ...
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Is it true that a camera sensor will never receive an RGB value of R 0 G 255 B 0?

I read this: "there are no green colors whatsoever which do not also stimulate your red or blue cells, or even ...
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How to know correct exposure for RAW shooting when camera show JPEG Histogram

I heard that RAW Data is not the rendered data, which means it can’t be influenced by white balance, saturation, and all other settings. I believe that “RAW Data” is influenced by the intensity of ...
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Can physical color filter and light pollution filters on DLSRs achieve anything that can't be done in post (like with Photoshop)?

The color filter was said to be not quite useful in the digital photography. A light pollution filter, i.e. a broad band filter, was proven to be useful in photography in reducing the light pollution ...
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Why is an overexposured-area white?

From what I understand, camera sensor photosites have 'filters' on them so that each can receive only either red, blue or green light. Example: When there is an overexposure of only pure blue light, ...
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What is the cause of the "red ring" lens flare?

I've been studying lens flares and the various phenomena that occur alongside the reflected "ghosts" that are most commonly associated with them. Of particular interest are the red rings ...
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