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What impact on image resolution does the aperture have?

What is the effects on depth of field, signal to noise ratio and image resolution when reducing the aperture?
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What does depth of field mean? [duplicate]

What does the term depth of field mean? How is it determined and how can it be changed? Is it related to the aperture?
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Taking pictures with fixed/full focus camera

I have got a fixed focus, 5 MP camera with 3.3mm focal length (not sure what it means) on my phone. I want to know what's the best way to take pictures with since it's missing auto-focus feature. Is ...
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Depth of field and aperture size [duplicate]

Why does a smaller aperture size have a high depth of field? What is the physics behind this?
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Software to combine multiple similar photos and choose the best parts from each

Note: This question was originally posted on Software Recs, but due to lack of activity I'm reposting it here. Windows Live Gallery had a great Photo Fuse feature that allowed you to select multiple ...
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Getting two subjects sitting across the table in focus

Hoping to get some tips on photographing two subjects sitting across each other a table (the table is maybe 2 feet long). They’ll be at the same distance from the camera just a few feet away from each ...
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Do crop sensors increase the depth of field when using full frame lenses?

I'm trying to achieve maximum depth of field without sacrificing light. I have a micro-4/3rds camera and i want to attach a full frame lens to it for the large and constant aperture. My question is, ...
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Everything in focus with d750 [duplicate]

as you can see the flowers are not focused, I cannot focus everything, I have to chose the squirrel or the flowers, is it normal? THANK you D750 28-300
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How to achieve sharpness on image [duplicate]

I'm new to photography and got my new 50mm Nikkor f1.8g for my DX camera D5300. I've taken first Portrait photoshoot of my friend in an outdoor park which looked nice on my camera screen. But when I ...
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Aperture of Photography [duplicate]

I am a beginner. Can anyone state what it means if anyone says "The aperture of the photo/pic is not correct."? I donot know what actually aperture means.
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How to achieve large DOF in a macro like this video? [duplicate]

I noticed that this video has a very beautiful DOF, almost spot on. It is a video but should still be applicable to photography. So how is such precise and large Depth of field achieved? What kind of ...
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Area focusing using manual focus

how to achieve area focus using manual focus mode. I tried using the infinity, but that did not turn out to be correct for me. I use a Nikon D3200. When I need all the subjects in focus, I put the ...
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For the formula 1 / u + 1 / v = 1 / f, what is infinite depth of field or hyperfocal distance?

For the formula 1 / u + 1 / v = 1 / f, what is infinite depth of field or hyperfocal distance? In other words, when u, v, and f, we have infinite depth of field or hyperfocal distance?
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Minimum sensor size to get a separation between the subject and the background [duplicate]

What is the minimum sensor size need to get a separation between the subject and the background (bokeh) ? Print size A5 Not using a DSLR . Assuming max aperture is f/2.8 at wide end.
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How can you make the most of mobile phone cameras? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do I get the best results with a cell phone camera? I don't always have my DSLR with me, yet someone in the group usually has at least an iOS or Android device with them. ...
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