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How do I get focus right with a moving subject with a bridge camera like the Panasonic FZ 70/72?

I would like to know if I act right. Scenario: moving subject (animal, airplane or sport scene). I get my bridge camera, a Panasonic FZ 70/72. I focus (with autofocus) the subject pressing half ...
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Why do viewing conditions affect Depth of Field?

There's a lot of information here and elsewhere about how things such as aperture, focal length, and subject/focus distance affect Depth of Field (DoF). Most people seem to understand that side of it ...
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Is the sharpness of imaging different within the depth of field?

Is the sharpness of imaging different within the depth of field? Where is the sharpest? What I am asking is the distance from the lens to the object, not the image distance in the lens. How to ...
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I am working on a science fair project I need help on forced perspective

I have a camera and items that I plan to use I just cant get both items in focus
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How to make pictures lots of kids so everyone's face isn't blurry?

I have a Nikon D850 with portrait lens AF 105mm f/1.4. I'm just learning how to make good pictures. We purchased this camera not for business — we have kids and want to make every possible memory. I'm ...
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Getting two subjects sitting across the table in focus

Hoping to get some tips on photographing two subjects sitting across each other a table (the table is maybe 2 feet long). They’ll be at the same distance from the camera just a few feet away from each ...
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How to achieve large DOF in a macro like this video? [duplicate]

I noticed that this video has a very beautiful DOF, almost spot on. It is a video but should still be applicable to photography. So how is such precise and large Depth of field achieved? What kind of ...
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For the formula 1 / u + 1 / v = 1 / f, what is infinite depth of field or hyperfocal distance?

For the formula 1 / u + 1 / v = 1 / f, what is infinite depth of field or hyperfocal distance? In other words, when u, v, and f, we have infinite depth of field or hyperfocal distance?
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Area focusing using manual focus

how to achieve area focus using manual focus mode. I tried using the infinity, but that did not turn out to be correct for me. I use a Nikon D3200. When I need all the subjects in focus, I put the ...
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How can you make the most of mobile phone cameras? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do I get the best results with a cell phone camera? I don't always have my DSLR with me, yet someone in the group usually has at least an iOS or Android device with them. ...
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Aperture of Photography [duplicate]

I am a beginner. Can anyone state what it means if anyone says "The aperture of the photo/pic is not correct."? I donot know what actually aperture means.
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