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Does the number of shots differ dramatically between an amateur and a pro?

Recently I went on a trip and took around 400 shots and I thought they are all great, and unfortunately most of them went into trash and approximately 30 pictures considered as a top-notch shots. The ...
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Lots of noise in my hockey pictures. What am I doing wrong?

I often take pictures of hockey players but they have a lot of noise and look very bad. I guess my lens doesn't have a big enough aperture, but I'd like to know what I could do to take better shots. I ...
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What settings for Dirt track night time pictures

So I just started taking pictures at a dirt track and having problems with getting them crystal clear at night races. I'm using a Nikon D-90 with a tamron 70-300 lens. I have my ISO on 2500 and ...
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How to get exposure right in night photography?

In this link there are some wonderful night time scenes (#4,6,7,9,10,11,13). I'm wondering how the photographer got the exposure right. In my experience my camera metering will overexpose everything ...
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Why my "action" shots are blurry even shooting on AF-C, is this a lens or camera limitation?

I'm currently using a Nikon 28-200mm AF-D with my D7000. While trying to take action shots (e.g. my dog running or sports) none of the shots seem to be in focus even on AF-C mode. Would this be a ...
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Recommended shutter speed for action sports?

What shutter speed do professional sports photographers typically use for action sports like football and basketball?
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If the focal plane is curved, should the outer AF points work correctly or front-focus?

Many (all?) lenses have a (slightly) curved focal plane. In general it's close enough to flat that you don't really notice it, but under certain conditions it may become apparent. As I understand it ...
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What camera settings should I use for ice hockey?

I will be shooting some ice hockey actions this week for a fundraiser and was wondering what the ideal camera settings are for a Canon EOS 6D and Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM. I am planning to set ...
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Why are my football action shots blurry?

I am shooting with a Nikon D5200 using a 55-200mm lens to take photos of a high school football game. I'm using the sports setting but unsure what my other settings should be. Can you please help? ...
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d7200 sports settings [duplicate]

I have recently bought a D7200 . I am wanting to use it to photograph my girls football games. I set it to S mode and put the side dial so Cl but they all cam out really dark. Any help would be ...
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Anyone have experience with the Tamron SP AF 70-200mm f/2.8 DI LD (IF) Macro?

I was planning to get the Nikon 70-200mm, but there is a big price difference compared to the Tamron. I will use this for sport shooting. Any advice?
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