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Why are my photos not crisp?

I use a Canon EOS Rebel T3i (600D) with the kit lens. I have experimented a lot with different settings and modes, but I feel like I have wasted many good shots that could have looked amazing, if only ...
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Are all kit lenses poor? (And if so, why?)

Kerri Shotts says (emphasis mine): Also, if you already have great glass, there is little reason to get more (unless you need it for a certain reason). E.g., if you have a 70-200 f/4, don't rush ...
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Why prefer the 18-55mm and 55-250mm lenses vs 18-200mm?

There seems to be a preference for to have the 18 mm - 55 mm 55 mm - 250 mm lenses, but no mention of why they're better than a single 18-200mm. Could someone please explain why the two separate ...
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Can you photograph the milky way with a full moon out?

Is it possible to photograph the milky way (or just any stars or stellar objects) when a full moon is out?
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What is the meaning of "Blue Hour" and its differences from "Golden Hour?"

What does "Blue Hour" exactly mean? What time in the day can I capture this "Blue Hour" and how long is it? Also, what are its differences from the "Golden Hour"?
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How can I salvage photos from a party in a dark room?

I'm a professional photographer. I mostly photograph cars and the outdoors. Recently I was asked to take pictures at a one year old's birthday party. These things are not ideal but I've done them ...
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What is pixel peeping and why do some people say should I avoid it?

What is pixel peeping? Is there a benefit in doing it? What do I have to keep in mind when I peep my pixels?
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What's the difference between these two 1.4f 50mm prime lenses?

I was looking if I could get some used 50mm prime lens on the cheap. Googling around, I found two extremely different lenses, but I am not sure what the practical difference is. One is Nikon 50mm f/1....
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Zoom or Prime Lens(es) for Wildlife Photography on Limited Budget (Nikon D500)

I am currently looking into purchasing some new lenses to accompany my shiny new Nikon D500 on a safari trip in a month. In the past, I have used a Sigma 150-500mm (purchased in 2009 - see here) with ...
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What gear do I need for Portrait and Landscape photography, Canon 700D? [duplicate]

From several years ago I bought Canon 700D, due to some acts in my country I lost the interest in photography. Now I am having the comfortable environment to start all over. My question is: What ...
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Seeking Expert Advice for Banff Trip: Upgrade Dilemma - New

I'm gearing up for a trip to Banff, Alberta, next year. Planning to go for a week and see both Banff and Jasper. I need some expert advice on lenses. Currently, I'm using a Canon RP with a RF 15-35mm ...
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