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Is it necessary to have a tripod and remote to take pictures of a starry sky? [duplicate]

Also, does the exposure time change if the camera is shaken and it has to focused again? I did have an ISO of 3200 and shutter speed of 1/125. All I obtained was a dark sky. Its the first time I went ...
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What is the "Rule of 600" in astrophotography?

This question mentions the "Rule of 600" for avoiding star-trails in astrophotography. What is this rule? How was it derived? How should it be applied?
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How to have colors in Milky-way?

Many photos of Milky-way show it in nice colors instead of just the black of sky and white of the stars. Is the key to having those colors in the capturing of the image or in the post processing, or ...
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How do I focus in low light for long exposures?

I've been trying to take some long exposure shots at night with my Canon 450D. The problem I'm having is that I can't seem to get a shot in focus. The low light conditions prevent AF from working at ...
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Longer exposure & lower ISO or shorter exposure & higher ISO - what gives better results when photographing stars?

I've been dabbling with night landscapes and star photography with varying levels of success. I know I don't have the ideal lens (Canon 17-40mm f4 on a Canon 6D body) but I've seen some great shots ...
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Why do I have blurry star trails?

Last weekend I was experimenting with capturing star trails. I tried taking a set of 9 photos of the stars and Milkway (ISO 1600, f/2.8, 30 seconds exposure). Here is resulting combined photo (stacked ...
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What caused my astrophotography images to come out hazy?

I attempted a bit of astrophotography tonight and I was surprised with the outcome. I didn't expect to see so many stars in the images! I loved it! However, when I went to look at the pictures, they ...
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How do I get a shot of both the foreground and stars with astrophotography?

I've seen a few pictures of the Milky Way mixed up with people or landscape and tried to reproduce it—without success. My settings: DX 35mm f1.8 ISO 6400 shutterspeed 5 seconds. The sky was "ok"...
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Why should I use the widest aperture for star photography?

In the article, Photographing Stars Using a Kit Lens, the author talks about keeping the widest aperture, e.g. ƒ/3.5. But it's my understanding that a wide aperture means a smaller area will be in ...
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Can I get longer than 15 second exposure with my canon SX 50?

I am new to photography and I was hoping to go take some pictures of star trails this weekend. I just bought this camera this week and I realized that the highest shutter speed is 15 seconds. Is there ...
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How to set white balance in a photo of stars?

Just as in camera menu, there is WB presets available in RAW processing. Those include daylight, cloudy, shade, flash, fluorescent, etc. And of course Auto and custom settings. When processing my ...
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Black sky for night long exposure

I have recently started DSLR photography, and love taking long exposures of the night sky. I would like to have the sky be black, instead of blue, seen here: I have a Nikon ...
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Astrophotography exposure setting for noise reduction

I was on a hiking for a week into the dense forest of Western Ghats with my Sony slt a58. I am into Astrophotography. The place was absolute black with millions of stars. The perfect place for ...
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How do star trackers work to take a photo for 5 minutes without blur, and are they worth it?

I'm contemplating trying to make one of these star trackers, but after everything I've read, including the two star tracking related stackexchange posts, I don't know if I understand how they work. (...
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Star photography: what aperture

I would like to shoot the Andromeda galaxy with my 70-200 F2.8. I do have a star tracker (not soo precise). In general for faint things it is better to use a wide aperture, to gather as much light ...
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