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What should I look for when shopping for my first DSLR?

I am thinking of buying a digital SLR camera. What things should I be looking for?
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What do Pentax and Sigma DSLRs offer that differs from Canon and Nikon?

We have a question and answers outlining the significant differences between the "big two" DSLR brands. I'm interested in the other DSLR makers, and how the cameras they make compare in terms of ...
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What are the most notable differences between Canon and Nikon lenses?

I'm currently considering to buy one of the next generation enthusiast DSLRs. Either a Canon EOS 60D or the slightly more expensive Nikon D7000. I'm quite new to the SLR discussion but I know there ...
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What are considerations when choosing a DSLR brand?

Realizing that: no single brand or camera model is perfect, most DSLRs are "good enough" for most situations there is no single right answer to which camera should be purchased ...what are some ...
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Which prime lens for Pentax APS-C?

My girlfriend is buying a Pentax K-5 (I already have a Pentax DSLR so we thought it made sense for us to be able to share lenses), and she's not sure about which lens to get with it, so I've been ...
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How do lens lineups vary across Mirrorless camera systems?

We often hear advice like ""choose your lenses and then choose the body that matches". We have great information on DSLR systems at How much do lens lineups vary across DSLR platforms?, but what about ...
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What features would cause a portrait photographer to choose a DSLR over Mirrorless?

With the new line of mirrorless cameras being announced this fall, the gap between DSLR and mirrorless cameras continue to close. There are many generic discussions comparing the two, but as a ...
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What DSLR should I buy?

I'm in the market for a new camera and I've been shopping around looking at various DSLRs. I currently use a Canon compact super-zoom camera, and shoot in manual mode 99% of the time, so the step to ...
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What's a nifty-fifty?

In the comments on Who, or what, is an "Uncle Bob"?: ... it does have a place amongst the terms and slang used by photographers (nifty-fifty is another example, if you're versed in ...
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Which DSLR brand should I pick as a beginning photographer?

I'm planning on starting photography as a hobby and I will be purchasing a DSLR very soon. Many of my friends have upgraded to DSLRs from P&Ss nowadays, but they all use different brands. Most ...
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Why are 50mm no longer the default kit lens for prosumer SLRs?

Every time someone asks me for a kit recommendation I point them towards some sort of prime lens with a standard focal length. Similarly, almost anyone I talk to about the ideal budget kit swears that ...
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How do lens prices compare for Nikon and Canon?

I am about to buy a new DSLR and shortlisted the two models, Nikon D5100 and Canon 550D. I ready to buy the Nikon model(more expensive) but learned that Nikon lenses are much more expensive than Canon ...
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Should my collection of older Pentax lenses be a deciding factor in my first DSLR purchase?

First post on here so I'll try and put a bit of background. I'm brand new to taking "proper" photographs and want to get started in landscape photography as a hobby after seeing some great pictures ...
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What is a good camera for a beginner looking to learn it all from a technical standpoint? [closed]

I am a graduate student in image processing and computer vision, and I'd like to get into photography. I want to purchase a camera that isn't a black box, where I can experiment and learn about how ...
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What specifics does a street style/detailed photography camera + lens need to have?

I have about 1000£ to spend on a new camera and lens. I will be doing Street style photography and portraits. What does a camera for this use case to have? What lens / how many mm is best for ...
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