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Which DSLR for a total beginner? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What should I look for when shopping for my first DSLR? I love taking photographs and simple digital cameras don't satisfy me. So I'd like something better. I have never used ...
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Are Nikon lens double the cost of Canon auto-focus lens?

Are Nikon lenses double the cost of canon Camera? Point in case, below. I am an amateur photographer and my usual requirements are: Portraits with nice Bokeh Macro (flowers, insects etc.) Day outing ...
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How do lens lineups vary across Mirrorless camera systems?

We often hear advice like ""choose your lenses and then choose the body that matches". We have great information on DSLR systems at How much do lens lineups vary across DSLR platforms?, but what about ...
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What's a good online tool for finding the right SLR?

I have a certain list of features I absolutely need, as well as a price range, and I want to plug this information into some sort of online tool that will filter through a comprehensive list of ...
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What kind of camera should a serious enthusiast buy after ditching a point and shoot? [duplicate]

I'm trying to decide what kind of camera to purchase. At first I had it in my head that I needed a dSLR and I've asked a couple questions before on this forum to help me figure out which ones I like. ...
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Will switching from a Nikon D60 to a Canon EOS 60D be better for night photography, city photography, and portraits?

I am currently using Nikon D60 and have been itching to upgrade for some time. There are a lot of things about Canon EOS 60D that seem very appealing to me. The higher resolution, the sensor that ...
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Comparing lenses

I already have a Nikon camera SLR and I am planning on buying a backup camera also. My question is are the lenses for Nikon more expensive then for Canon. I am trying to keep expenses down for the ...
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How do lens prices compare for Nikon and Canon?

I am about to buy a new DSLR and shortlisted the two models, Nikon D5100 and Canon 550D. I ready to buy the Nikon model(more expensive) but learned that Nikon lenses are much more expensive than Canon ...
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Are there any pro wildlife photographers using the Pentax DA* 300mm?

Are there any pro wildlife photographers using the Pentax DA★ 300mm? I have spent a week searching for anyone who is using Pentax kit in wildlife photography and who is getting paid for their work.
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Is there a popular/canonical lens system out today?

I'm entering the world of film photography by buying a cheap Pentax K1000 and a cheap K-Mount lens. Initial research says that the K-Mounts are still in use today, but I'd like to know your opinions ...
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How to learn enough about lenses to be able to evaluate a lens manufacturer?

I've been doing research to purchase a DSLR. I think I have a handle on how to evaluate a body, feature-wise, but I'm finding it difficult to understand lenses. Since buying a body locks you into a ...
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As a beginner would I be better suited to a Nikon D3100 or Canon EOS 550D?

I am very new to this and wondering if I would even notice a difference between a Nikon D3100 and Canon EOS 550D using the standard 18-55mm lens? The differences I can see are: The Cannon is roughly $...
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Should I choose a Canon 550D or a Sony DSLR-A580?

I am planning to buy a Canon EOS 550D with its Kit Lens (18-55 mm) and a prime lens (50 mm 1.8) with my main intention of clicking portrait and landscape pictures. Just yesterday I came across Sony ...
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Canon EOS 750D or Nikon D5300, which one? [closed]

I've got a Pentax K30 and I'm looking to upgrade my equipment, the reason being is that I'm finding it hard to find accessories for the Pentax and I have been looking further afield. I've been ...
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nikkon, sony or cannon [duplicate]

I very new to DSLR Photography. Now I'm in confusion that Sony alpha 58 or Cannon D600. both of them are nearly same cost. but I found that that for Sony there are less lens and accessories. but ...
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