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Best lens for my D5300 [closed]

I travel a lot and enjoy taking pictures of old structures, landscapes, as well as alleyways, staircases, and doorways. Can you recommend an all around lens for my Nikon D5300. Ps. A little zoom ...
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What's a nifty-fifty?

In the comments on Who, or what, is an "Uncle Bob"?: ... it does have a place amongst the terms and slang used by photographers (nifty-fifty is another example, if you're versed in ...
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Comparing lenses

I already have a Nikon camera SLR and I am planning on buying a backup camera also. My question is are the lenses for Nikon more expensive then for Canon. I am trying to keep expenses down for the ...
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Canon EOS 750D or Nikon D5300, which one? [closed]

I've got a Pentax K30 and I'm looking to upgrade my equipment, the reason being is that I'm finding it hard to find accessories for the Pentax and I have been looking further afield. I've been ...
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Should my collection of older Pentax lenses be a deciding factor in my first DSLR purchase?

First post on here so I'll try and put a bit of background. I'm brand new to taking "proper" photographs and want to get started in landscape photography as a hobby after seeing some great pictures ...
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Why are there so few high quality APS-C telephoto lenses?

Neither Canon nor Nikon nor Sony nor Pentax (did I forget someone?) seem to be particularly concerned to offer such lenses. Even third party makers don't seem to be really interested in anything ...
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Is it assured that every type of lens will be made for a given interchangeable lens camera? [closed]

If I buy a Canon DSLR, can I be rest assured, that in future, I can put on any kind of lens on this camera. For example, is there guaranteed to be at least one of wide angle,telephoto,fish eye lenses ...
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nikkon, sony or cannon [duplicate]

I very new to DSLR Photography. Now I'm in confusion that Sony alpha 58 or Cannon D600. both of them are nearly same cost. but I found that that for Sony there are less lens and accessories. but ...
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Should I worry about a camera I am interested in "winning" on Snapsort?

I might soon buy a new camera and I am hesitating between the Canon T5i and the Nikon D5300 on snapsort the D5300 is winning but I am wondering if it is that much better... I am wondering about ...
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Is there an advantage to choosing the Big Two (TM) entry level dSLRs over competititon? [duplicate]

Is there an advantage, that Canon or Nikon's entry level dSLRs hold over their competition ones (notably Sony) for a young enthusias who wants to learn more but is currently, and probably won't in the ...
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What features would cause a portrait photographer to choose a DSLR over Mirrorless?

With the new line of mirrorless cameras being announced this fall, the gap between DSLR and mirrorless cameras continue to close. There are many generic discussions comparing the two, but as a ...
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Why are 50mm no longer the default kit lens for prosumer SLRs?

Every time someone asks me for a kit recommendation I point them towards some sort of prime lens with a standard focal length. Similarly, almost anyone I talk to about the ideal budget kit swears that ...
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Is there a popular/canonical lens system out today?

I'm entering the world of film photography by buying a cheap Pentax K1000 and a cheap K-Mount lens. Initial research says that the K-Mounts are still in use today, but I'd like to know your opinions ...
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How do lens lineups vary across Mirrorless camera systems?

We often hear advice like ""choose your lenses and then choose the body that matches". We have great information on DSLR systems at How much do lens lineups vary across DSLR platforms?, but what about ...
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Getting the right DSLR from the very beginning [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Are there disadvantages to a prosumer camera for a beginner, aside from cost? I would like to get a DSLR. As a beginner, I'm tempted by Canon T4i, Canon D7 and Nikon D7000. ...
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