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Photo Competition 2021-03-01: Straight out of camera

Theme This theme seeks your best straight-out-of-camera JPEGs: no adjustments, curves, tweaks, post-processing, cropping, or straightening is allowed. Think "Polaroid", "Instax", &...
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Is there development in the world of lenses?

Now, I'm not an expert, so if this post makes you laugh, you're welcome. Still, as far as I know there are basically two components that determine the potential quality of a camera's photos: Sensor ...
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Do digital cameras lose picture quality over time?

For some reasons when I look at my first pictures from my camera (DSLR), they look stunning. I know it could be just psychological. Another friend told me that her camera was really good when she ...
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What are the real-life benefits of B+W's MRC?

My 24-105L is in the mail, and I'm looking for a filter to protect the front element. I've decided to go with B+W since they seem to have the best quality to match my L lens. I've narrowed it down to ...
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How do I eliminate lens flare in my pictures?

I have taken a few pictures that show these circles, and I'm getting very annoyed at this problem. Seems most common on sunny days. This particular picture is not my own, but it is a good example of ...
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Why are those green spots on my photo?

Took a pic with my 35mm Nikon lens last night, and got this light artifact. Is this something normal? Reflection? Is it dirt on my lens? How do I prevent this from happening? I think it only happened ...
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What is causing the strange lighter circles in images taken with my Canon 15-85?

I took these pictures with my Canon EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM lens this morning: Would somebody please tell me that what is that white part in the lower right corner of the picture? EXIF info: F/...
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What causes Haze in a Lens?

What actually causes the Haze in old cameras ? recently I found a tlr Camera in my store room, it has little haze in it, Is it caused by lubricants in the internal mechanics or "inside the lens ...
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Lenses and Filters: what do the terms Coating, Multi-Coating and Nano-Coating mean?

I see the word "Coating" in different questions (related to lenses and filters). What are Coating, Multi-Coating, and Nano-Coating?
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What is causing these red sphere flares?

These red spheres anomalies have only came up in my photos a couple of times while using my Fuji Finepix-S. The spheres seem to be evenly displaced on certain images forming 3 rows of 3. One other ...
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Is it normal for the Canon kit lens to exhibit lens flare even without a UV filter?

I recently bought a Canon 550D and have been experimenting with this for a week. I have been pretty satisfied with the quality, until I faced this lens flare problem. Notice the unwanted blue light ...
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Mysterious signs or easily explainable artifacts?

These images were taken with an old cheap mobile phone. Could someone please explain what's happening?
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What causes lens flare from stadium floodlights in my pictures?

When photographing a bright light source (stadium floodlights) a lens flare effect presents itself in the image (shot on an iPhone 13 pro). What causes this effect and how can I accomodate with the ...
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