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Is deep depth of field AND bright exposure possible?

I know that a larger aperture corresponds to a brighter exposure and shallower depth of field for a given focal length. Is it optically possible for a custom-built camera to form an image with both a ...
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Is camera lens focus an exact point or a range?

I have often wondered if the focus of a lens at a particular focal length is an exact point or a range within a few millimeters. This becomes all the more important when manually focussing. How far ...
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What are appropriate Circle of Confusion values for high-megapixel cameras? [duplicate]

Since the film days we have used 0.03 CoC for determining depth of field and similar calculations. In digital terms, does this best match with 6 or 12 or 24 or 36Mpixel full frame sensors? If this ...
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Are focus and resolving power optically equivalent?

Limited "resolving power" or "sharpness" is a problem one can see with many lower-quality lenses, especially with higher-resolution camera bodies. Playing with my cheap 500mm mirror lens, I often get ...
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Understanding focus distance of Nikon f/1.8D lens with D5600 Camera

I took some sample photos using my Nikon D5600 camera with Nikon f/1.8D lens. I had to set the focus manually since this lens doesn't provide AF with my camera. My Question: The album of my sample ...
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Why do viewing conditions affect Depth of Field?

There's a lot of information here and elsewhere about how things such as aperture, focal length, and subject/focus distance affect Depth of Field (DoF). Most people seem to understand that side of it ...
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Why I am getting different values for depth of field from calculators vs in-camera DoF preview?

When using depth of field and hyperfocal calculators, I get very different result versus the in-camera DoF preview of my Fujifilm X-M1. For example: With DOFMaster (or any other online calculator), ...
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Can a smaller sensor's "crop factor" be used to calculate the exact increase in depth of field?

If APS-C and similar crop-sensor digital cameras have a focal length multiplying effect such that a 50mm lens has an apparent focal length closer to the field of view of an 80mm on a full frame camera,...
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What exactly determines depth of field?

There are several questions here about the definition of depth of field, about focal length, and about subject distance. And of course there's the basic how does aperture affect my photographs. And ...
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How can I get maximum DoF with no distance markers?

I am aware of what hyperfocal distance is and the general principles behind it. However, most of the tutorials I have seen and read regarding it make use of lenses with focus distance indicators. ...
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What does small depth of field mean?

Can anyone clarify for me the various terms used to describe depth of field? There are so many it's hard without a photo dictionary to relate in my head what's actually being said to me about the ...
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How does aperture work without "cropping" the image hitting the sensor?

I've been teaching myself the various settings in cameras and now have a much fuller understanding of how to use my camera effectively, but one thing is still bugging me. When the aperture size is ...
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