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Why can't I get a decent white background with product photography?

I'm a new photographer, and I'm trying to take photos of a product with a pure white background (#ffffff). I'm using a light box (something like this one), so my lighting should be solid. But I can't ...
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How do I properly do shadowless product photos?

My friend asked me to create a photo like this: I noticed that its shadowless and my first question is whether it was setup to be shadowless, or was it made shadowless in post? How many lights are ...
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How can I inexpensively create the white backdrop look?

I'm about to do some more clothing photography, this time with the clothing flat on the floor and the camera looking straight down at the subject. Does anyone have any tips for creating an ...
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What are the key things to think about when photographing jewelry?

I'm trying to help my wife take some pictures of jewelry she made. It's not for commercial use, but think of the photos we're going for as being similar to what one might want for a commercial shot ...
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How do I improve the results of photos taken in a light-box?

I'm having real trouble taking professional looking photos of a product. I purchased a light-box and I am using my Nikon D40 but the results are just don't seem good enough. I've also attempted to ...
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Why hasn't buying powerful lights improved my lightbox images?

I posted a question a few months ago regarding a light-box setup, and it seemed the general consensus was that I didn't have enough light... I've gone ahead and purchased 2 x 55w 3000lm 5500K 90+CRI ...
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What is a blown out background?

I've started using Photoshop recently and a lot of people mention "blown out backgrounds", and how to stop them — but never explain what they are. Could someone explain?
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How to increase contrast/brightness of product photos?

[Warning: I'm not a pro photographer!] Hi guys. I need to take a lot of product pictures for my blog. I'm using my Canon G5 X (compact) and continuous lighting of 3x 125 W 5500К bulbs in softboxes (...
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How can I get a pure white background in jewelry photography, without losing sparkle and shine?

I've read through several threads similar to this, but I'm looking for a comparison of two options here. I currently take photos on a raised glass platform against a white foam board background and ...
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Why can't I get a pure white background, even using multiple light sources? [duplicate]

Edit: THIS IS NOT a duplicate of Why can't I get a decent white background with product photography?. Reading my question and the linked one you will see I HAVE ADDRESSED the issues suggested by ...
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How can I take color accurate images with a white background in a light tent?

I want to take pictures of hundreds of Lego pieces with a white background. As a beginner in photography, I am using the first DSLR camera that I could get my hands on and I bought a light tent for ...
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Low Cost Product Photos [duplicate]

Buying a Canon EOS 2000D. Building 2 soft light box with some white fabric and cheapo led strips with some dimming circuit. Building a white paper desk for background I have some Photoshop and ...
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