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Why binoculars have magnification number, but lenses don't [duplicate]

I got into birding recently and got a pair of 10x42 binoculars and got a camera with a crop ratio of 1.6 and a 100-400mm (focal length) lens. With binoculars and spotting scopes everything seems easy -...
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Basic exercises to try with a DSLR Camera to improve shots otherwise taken on an iPhone

I have a Nikon D7000 with a 50mm Nikkor prime lens. I would like to try some exercises to try and capture images of e.g. architecture in soft light, or in cities in the morning etc, that are much ...
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Zoom lenses for wildlife at 600 meters

I spend alot of time driving back roads for work I just got a rebel 7 and I'm trying to find a lense for taking picture of bears and other animals from about 600 meters and have a fairly close up ...
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Can you determine if focus is sharp without diopter adjustment if your sight is imperfect?

I've already encountered this question about wearing glasses as a photographer. A more specific question I have is as follows. If your eyesight is not perfect, or your glasses and/or contact lenses ...
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What focal length of glasses is best for photography?

Eyeglasses have different potential focal lengths. For example, there are reading glasses, computer glasses, driving glasses etc. So, if I am shooting photos, what is the right focal length? The ...
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How do manufacturers get to high (83x) zoom levels on hybrid cameras?

Obviously the biggest hybrid zoom on the market (Nikon Coolpix P900 I think) does not range from actual 24 mm to 2 meters in physical length, but what kind of optical systems do manufacturers use to ...
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Which lens focal length to match binoculars' magnification: An alternative approach

The question of how lens focal length and binocular magnification appears to have been asked over 3.86 quinzillion times. Regardless, it's still hard to get an answer the layman can understand. I'd ...
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Confused about different optical zoom on different lens [duplicate]

I'm looking at 3 different lens mainly for distance shots but with a bit of Macro occasionally. Tamron AF 70-300mm F/4-5.6 Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6G Sigma 70-300mm f4-5.6 The bit ...
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30x Optical Zoom vs. 30x Magnification on Binoculars? [duplicate]

I just recently learned that 30x Optical Zoom on a Camera and 30x Magnification on Binoculars are different things. Suppose if I have got 30x50 Binoculars, then what would be its equivalent number of ...
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What is the (real) meaning of binocular magnification number?

This is more of an optics measurements question than a photography question, so if you don't want it on the site, just delete it. I just couldn't think of a better match. Do binoculars, loupes, ...
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Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 - How does it compare to binocular magnification?

I know almost nothing about photography. But I am interested in learning. My dad just purchased a Panasonic Lumix FZ1000. I own a pair of Leica 10x50 binoculars. I asked him how the maximum zoom or ...
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What is the "crop factor?" [duplicate]

I need some help understanding crop factor. I do get that the actual focal length doesn't change, but as far as field of view and how the image turns out is where I'm getting stuck. Anything that I've ...
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What does "viewfinder magnification" mean?

Viewfinders (both optical and electronic) typically come with two stats: magnification and coverage. The latter measuring how much of the actual exposed area (film or sensor) one sees. But what is ...
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How do I convert lens focal length (mm) to x-times optical zoom?

What is the rule to convert the 'mm' notation to the 'optical zoom' notation? I searched a bit and found this one: $$\text{Optical zoom} = \frac{\text{Maximum focal length}}{\text{Minimum focal length}...
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What is it called when an object appears to be the same size with the eye and through the camera viewfinder?

I have a Canon 18-135 lens. I am looking into the camera viewfinder with my right eye and not through the viewfinder with my left. I start from 18mm and keep zooming in till I see a particular object ...
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